Tunning a BMW M2 comp 2018 for Nurb24hr Racetrack

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New Zealand
New Zealand
hello all i need help on certain areas of suspension setup
here is my setup. it has 616hp full tune

body height 100 front/ back is 125
help on this ANTI ROLL BAR front roll bar is 5/ back roll bar is 7
i am keeping damping ratio a secrets. I WILL ADJUST IF NEED ADJUSTING
keeping natural freq a secrets
need help on this Negative camber angle 3.0 front/back 3.0
need help on this TOE angle front down 0.12/back is up 0.15
Hey bud,

hard to know what exactly you need here, what is the issue trait that you are having a problem with?

Have you looked at my calculator? It would give you a base setup to start from which would be balanced and easy to drive. you can then tweak for faster laps to suit you driving style.