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    So yeah, I finally turned 17 and acquired a car! For those who remember, I posted a "what should I buy" thread in the Cars in General forum a few months back, that included a bunch of rather depressing mid and full-size sedans that are about ten years old. For the longest time, I genuinely thought I'd get something like a Chrysler 300 or Cadillac DTS, but my grandma and I were able to talk my mom out of that idea, and what do you know, I have my very own new car, much smaller but nicer than what I thought I'd end up with.

    It's a 2020 Hyundai Veloster 2.0 Premium, the mid-level trim. So far, I'm in love with it. Obviously, I was won over by the Veloster's quirky, unique styling, which I preferred over cars like the Elantra GT, Mazda3 hatchback, and Impreza hatchback, despite those cars being larger, more practical, and better on gas. It drives very nice; the interior is larger than I would've imagined for a subcompact car, cabin noise is low, and it takes the turns exceptionally well thanks to it's multi-link suspension and low weight. Nope, it isn't turbocharged (mine makes 147hp in it's naturally aspirated form), but still feels quite quick and sporty to drive. Motortrend claimed the non-turbocharged Veloster to do 0-60 in 8.4s, and I got mine to 60 in 8.5. My Veloster also came fully loaded, with Apple CarPlay, blind spot and lane departure warnings, heated front and rear seats as well as steering wheel, sunroof, the "appearance package", and Sirius radio.

    Most importantly of all, I got a killer deal on this car. My local Hyundai dealer had a pretty big "Colombus Day Sale", and after a lot of haggling, I got my Veloster for 229/mo with only 1,500 down! Without the deals and haggling, it would've been 290/mo, quite expensive for a subcompact car. Most likely, I will have this car until I finish college, which will be six years later. Again, I can't express enough how satisfied I am with this car. It's a much more pleasurable experience than the 2010 Chrysler 300 that my mom originally picked out!

    Here are some pictures. I apologize that these are low-quality, as I kind of rushed taking these. Better pictures will come soon.









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    That's a good first car. My first car was a barely functional 1989 Merkur XR4Ti :lol:

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    My first car was an '85 RX-7 GS Automatic that I paid $1,600 for. :p