Turbo's favorite cars in GT7 - '23 Nissan Z GT4 Replica posted!

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Hey everyone. I'm going to use this thread to share some of my favorite cars to drive in GT7. I am no tuner, so most of the settings I use came from actual tuners ( like @praiano63 ) that I may have tweaked here or there to my liking. Cars do not make this list unless I find myself driving them constantly and adding a lot of miles in a short period of time. Everything just has to come together - looks, handling, sound, feel, etc. When I build my cars, I like to replicate real life parts where possible. So along with the GT parts/specs, I will give some insight into real part equivalents.


Nissan Silvia spec-R Aero (S15) '02 - PP 618 / Sport Soft / Custom Races
Nissan Z Performance '23 - PP 620 / Racing Hard / GT4 Replica
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Nissan Silvia spec-R Aero (S15) '02



Having a blast with this one. It started out as something to use in 600 PP custom races, and has grown slightly into a bit more than that. But it works well against AI in the 630-640 PP range. Put the AI on RH tires and you could have quite the battle on your hands. Being a Nissan SR20 fan, some extra thought went into making it feel more realistic by replicating real life features, including:
  • Quaife QBE69G 6-speed sequential gearbox with real ratios (2.759, 2.050, 1.565, 1.217, 1.000, 0.870)​
  • Z1 Motorsports 4.09 final drive​
  • SR20VE cylinder head (has VVL = Nissan V-TEC basically)​
I needed the car to rev as high as I could get it to, hence all of the engine upgrades. Then I limited it back down to where I needed the power level to be. This gives it a very VVL like 8,500 rpm redline. I found that the car struggled a bit with the high RPM turbo, so I went with the medium size kit and it works well here. I figure it's probably equivalent to something in the T28 size.

Here's a quick hot lap video at Spa Francorchamps:

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Nissan Z Performance '23 (GT4 Replica)



Been working on this one for months using estimated specs before the real car was launched. Finally have power and weight numbers to go off of (which I half followed - read on) and mostly final visuals. After some necessary tweaks from the last physics update, I am confident enough to post this knowing it is about 98% finished. The only part that is not final are the gear ratios, and for those I am waiting on word from Nissan. Last I was told the current numbers are confidential and not final, but they will share once they are locked in. The ratios I am using are from a 6-speed Quaife sequential gearbox and require the following sequence to set: (if this doesn't work let me know)
  • Set top speed to 800
  • Slide 1st gear all the way to the left
  • Slide 2nd gear all the way to the left
  • Set 3rd - 1.565, 4th - 1.268, 5th - 1.051, 6th - 0.900, and Final drive - 3.538
  • Return to 1st and set to 3.731, 2nd gear to 2.050

As far as the horsepower rating, you will notice that it is a bit lower than the real car. And the reason is that I wanted the car to match real life GT4 lap times. Using the 2022 GT4 America Watkins Glen event as my reference, the car's current settings would net you damn close to the P1 qualifying time set by a Pro-Am Supra GT4 at 1:54.882. In fact before I posted this I ran a few more laps to confirm and ran a 1:54.893. So to make it equal I had to limit the power significantly. You are certainly welcome to raise it back up to official spec levels but I cannot guarantee it will retain the same handling characteristics.

Weight is set to official specs from Nissan + my body weight. If you want curb weight of the car alone, set to 1,410kg (3,108 lbs)

For body mods, add front lip only. (no wide body) Rear spoiler small.

As-is it is very fun to drive and easy to correct when the rear steps out, which it does not do often unless you are pushing really hard. Sounds great, handles great, almost looks the part.

Here's a quick hot lap video at Maggiore West Circuit:

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