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    Chapter I: A new beginning
    (Saint Augustine, Florida)
    (August 9, 7:00 pm)

    It was a cool and breezy night throughout the town as a young man who looks to be around 23 sits near the Bridge of Lions deep in thought. "Man, it's so nice tonight. It's too bad I don't have many opportunities to race around here." As for his appearance, it was "unique" in a sense with him wearing a white jacket along with a matching set of pants (think of Kyosuke's style from Capcom vs SNK 2) with a black t-shirt underneath and matching black combat boots. "I mean, yes from time to time I've raced in a few competitions on that track in South Carolina but they weren't anything serious." As he thinks about this, he looks out at the harbor watching the ships come and go. "Though the only thing that does puzzle me is that man who came to watch the races, like he's looking for something...." Then his phone buzzed as he got a text so checking it, it read "Interested in racing? Then join the Gran Turismo league today!" Chuckling to himself, he is about to delete the text when he stops in his tracks after letting it sink in for a moment. "Gran Turismo League? Wait, that's the league where I've heard the best of the best compete for big prizes! Just think; I could even get 'that car' that I've always wanted!" The car in question he is thinking of is none other than the Red Bull X2014 Fan Car, a car that he figures would even make the drivers of the Le Mans and Nurburgring competitions quake in their boots. "Hmm, maybe I should give this a shot. I mean after all, what have I got to lose?" Though he didn't know exactly just HOW to enter so for the next several hours he goes around town asking around for info to which he finds next to none. Apparently the Gran Turismo League didn't have much presence around Saint Augustine though from one person he did get a minor tip which was that there was sometimes people coming from South Carolina who mention the league from time to time. After finding this out, he heads on home with one thought in his mind. "Well that wasn't much of a tip, but maybe if I enter in some more races then I may get the chance I've been looking for!" And with high spirits, he heads off home in the night completely unaware of just what would lie in store for him the next time he raced.

    Well that's it for the very first chapter, I hope you all like it and do let me know what you think of it because after all I am always open to constructive criticism. Until the next chapter everyone! ;)
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