Turn racing R320 wheel with Fantec gear impressions

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United States
United States
Received my new wheel today from a pretty neat US based company and thought I would share.


For about a year I've been running the 911 suede wheel with the BME on my DD1. Although it's a fine wheel and feels rather premium I was on the lookout for an open top wheel to fit my needs a little better when I stumbled across Turn Racing on Instagram and saw Chris Haye using the R305 version.

I'm not a fan of Formula wheels and spend most of my time in Group 3 cars but the round wheel interferes with my monitor because I like to keep the wheel a little high. Also i don't mind gloves with my suede wheel but i do prefer not to wear them.

After reading Turn's website stating durable rubber grips, and working with Fanatec's BME I decided to give it a go.

The product comes in a nice box with a fancy well made Turn sticker. Shipping was quick, email response was great. All standard affair you would expect from a good small company.

More importantly the wheel is very well made. With a price point of $147.00 I believe it's well worth the value. Overall finish is nice and the rubber grip seems very durable. Coming from a suede wheel it can feel a bit "cheap" but it's only initial perception. I understand it's rubber and I'm fine with it.

As far as performance it's great so far. It's lighter than my previous wheel and takes a bit of acclimation to appreciate the benefits. I feel much more detail in FFB due to less dampening and it is much more comfortable to drive than the my 911 wheel. I can run it higher and not block my screen. And finally. Gloves are optional as it's still grippy with out.

Speaking of comfort you can tell they paid attention to hand ergonomics with the grip design. The addition of a slight bulge on the back as well as the thumb grooves are a welcome feature that allows for a more relaxed grip on the wheel while still having good control.

Personally the day after some real long sessions my aging hands are tight most of the day. With the extra meat on the Turn wheel I can see this helping drastically.

In closing if you're looking for a nice wheel outside of the normal stuff out their I think you'll be as happy as I am.