Turn10 Gift Cars

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Hi, I'm playing Forza 3 for about 4 weeks, and I have received some free cars from Turn10 but accidentally I deleted them by mistake, my question is can I retrieve these cars?, can a friend gift them to me?. Some of the cars are:
- gt-r spec v

- # 25 eclipse advan

- eb110 ss

- c8 laviolette

- evora type r4 endurance racecar

Thanks in advance
You can buy those cars in game, you dont need to have Turn 10 send them to you to get them. I think with the Spyker C8 though, you need to buy DLC... Anyway thats just my 10 cents!
Apologies for revving an old thread. But I recently bought Forza Motorsports 3 ultimate edition since I just Rebought an Xbox 360. I had not got these gift cars, how do you get them?