Finished Turtle Racing League l Amuse S2000 GT1 at Circuito De La Sierra Enduro l January 24th

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    --To View Our League Page on GTPlanet, Click Here--

    Turtle Racing League is a weekly league that races every Saturday night using spec cars. We like to switch it up from week to week, with 3 30 minute races to 2 45 minute races then after 5 races the 6th race will be a 1 enduro race. This happens to be our very first special race in this new series for Turtle Racing League. We welcome all who wish to join. Theirs a variety of skill level in this League! If anyone has any questions about Turtle Racing League or just this race in general, feel free to ask me in the thread and i will get back to you as soon as possible! :tup:

    The "Golden Rule" of Motorsports

    "It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver, meaning the car that is attempting to execute the pass, to make sure that the pass is made cleanly and incident free."

    If you do not believe this rule applies to you then this league is not for you. You are encouraged to read and adhere to the GTPlanet Online Racing Rules and exercise Good Racecraft at all times, especially in turn 1.


    The First Turn Rule - It is the policy of this league for you to hold your position in turn 1 and not try to improve it unless the following situations occur: 1) The driver directly in front of you is asleep on the start. 2) The driver directly in front of you runs off course with at least 2 wheels off the track. 3) Obvious race incidents that must be avoided. 4) If you are able to fully draft past someone without incident or disruption to the other driver(s) with a reasonable distance before approaching the first turn.

    Holding your position in the first turn is limited to the first turn on the first lap. This rule is in place for 2 reason: (1) to effectively avoid incidents in the first turn, and (2) so that drivers who are being careful and doing their part to avoid incidents in the 1st turn of are not taken advantage of. There is no sense in causing an incident in the congestion of the first turn. You can not win the race on the 1st turn or even the 1st lap. If a complaint is filed, the decision we make will be one that promotes an incident free first turn.

    Race Incidents

    Legitimate complaints are encouraged, they insure a better racing environment for everyone. Complaints should be addressed by "Private Message" to the race steward of the race in which the incident occurred. Please include race number, lap number, and time of incident. A ruling will be announced after a video review by an independent steward. All racing incidents or racing related issues shall be dealt with privately and under no circumstance mentioned publicly.

    Race Information

    January 24, 2015 | One Enduro Race

    Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo | Racing Medium

    Circuito de la Sierra | 10 Laps

    Room Opens at 8:30pm CST l 9:30 EST l 7:30 PST

    Qualifying Setting l Race Alone l 15 Minutes

    Race Length l 1 Hour

    Room Settings

    Tuning l Prohibited
    Driving Assists l ABS only
    Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption l On (Normal)
    Penalty l Weak
    Mechanical Damage l Light
    Grip Reduction l Real
    Slipstream Strength l Real
    Visible Damage l Optional
    Boost l Off

    Other Information

    We currently just got into 3 divisions now, however we still all run in the same room, unless we need to move into more rooms. As i said We welcome all skill levels, everyone is welcome, if you want to try out Turtle Racing League you are more than welcome too, and you will not be dissapointed! :tup:

    How To Join Turtle Racing League, Or Just This Race?

    1 l Just Click HERE
    2 l Go to the last page in the thread and
    post in the thread your
    PSN ID:
    GTP ID:
    Color Car:
    Color Wheels:
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    Race is this Saturday. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thanks!