"Twist the Throttle" Series on Discovery HD Theater

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    Anyone else watching Twist the Throttle on Discovery HD Theater?

    If not, but you do get that channel, I highly recommend it. Here are the scheduled listings for it.

    If you don't get that channel, I believe there are some bonus clips available at the official site. There are also about 50 clips available on TV Guide's website.

    I recorded the first three episodes, Ducati, BMW, and Kawasaki, but have only got around to watching the Kawasaki episode so far which was very well done.

    It briefly covered the history of Kawaski and how they got into the motorcycle business, as well as an interesting look at their current manufacturing process including a tour of their manufacturing plant.

    I was also pleasantly surprised on how much coverage they had on the Autopolis race circuit, which Kawasaki purchased back in 2005... what a remarkable track. :tup:

    Of course the main part of the series is about the bikes, most of which were certainly understandable on why they profiled them over others, but I was very disappointed that there was no mention of one of my favorite bikes of all time, the 1982 KZ1000R, the limited production replica of Eddie Lawson's "Green Machine" that he used to win both the '81 and '82 AMA Superbike Series Championship. That bike looked mean even when standing still and the motor turned off... and when turned on, the growl from that 4-1 Kerker exhaust would make women and children run for fear of their lives! :D

    For those interested, there is a dedicated site for KZ1000 affeciandos including additional information on the KZ1000R.


    The bikes they did profile certainly deserved the attention though:

    I'm definitely looking forward to watching the other episodes now. :tup: