Two jump tracks


United States
I Have 2 Tracks i can put up
BLACK DRAGON RACEWAY 666D(There is a portion called "The Tornado of Souls")
METROPOLIS RACEWAY 666(Sector 1:Clark Kent;Backstraight: Christopher Reeves)
I also hold races and lobbies with street cars with a horsepower limit that varies and track changes.if any are interested please pm me.
If you have any doubts to my track making skills,ask Sick Cylinder.he has featured one of my tracks called Carbon Hill Raceway
Hi Ivan

Yes - Carbon Hill is superb, which is why I had it on share as my track of the week for three weeks.

I'll be interested in those two tracks - I'll check which ones you have on share from time to time.
I will get online tonight and post one of late I have been on my SlowFW
D84 account.I got a job currently that I'm workin six days per week.I do have a few drift challenge tracks on the account I am using.hades 104(104 turns),nightmare,and the reaper's scythe.those tracks I'm very leary of giving out.mainly due to I like to keep a few aces up my sleeve