Two tracks: Drumheller Superspeedway / Brent Knoll

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    Been experimenting with a few tracks, got a couple to the stage where I'm happy to share them. Hopefully I have the linking stuff correct.

    First up is a Death Valley themed track called "Drumheller Superspeedway". A 5.42 mile monster with plenty of high speed opportunities. Fast straights, fast corners, but plenty there to make sure you're awake and paying full attention.


    Next up, an Eifel themed track called "Brent Knoll". A more modest 2.44 mile circuit, both technical and very hilly. Hills and corners can add up to trouble, but the layout should be clear and free of unpleasantly nasty surprises. Enjoy the sights, such as they are.


    Edit 2: Uploaded to the GT6 track database. Links updated accordingly.

    Edit: PS - I'll try to get some YouTube vids up. Once I work something out to capture them to any decent degree.

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