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    I've noticed since we got Spa there has been weird understeer noticeable for me at low speed in race cars.

    First noticed it while driving a Nissan GTR Gr3 at Spa in turn 1. Thought ok it's the Nissan it will do that. Then thought wait this isn't the daily race using RH tyres, heavy with fuel and no tuning, this was RSS tyres and tuned to be fairy pointy.

    When it happens there is very little chance of saving it, a lot of time will be lost, as in between half of a second to a second.

    Since then I've been doing mostly last weeks daily race C, then testing some supercars at Lemons, bit of Gr3 and Gr4 in lobbies, but not much.

    Then I download the Lewis Hamilton time trial and the same understeer behaviour is prevalent. I'm at the point now that I've almost lost all confidence in my ability because I never know when this understeer is going to hit. Thought it might just be the Merc Gr3 without its BoP so I tried the Renault Gr3, same issue at every track.

    Tried turning down controller sensitivity and although that worked a bit because it made acceleration (right stick) less sensitive, it also made steering less sensitive. I used to use 3 for controller sensitivity but upped it to 4 and it made me faster. Now with this understeer 4 is horrible. 3 is not good either but is better than anything else.

    I use the controller connected via USB as I heard this lowers response time, so I thought keep the sensitivity on 4 and unplug the controller. Don't know if it was just a placebo effect but it seemed slightly better (untill the understeer happened again several times and I again lost confidence).

    It feels like in the past when I wouldn't play for a month or more then came back, feels very alien to me. Thing is though that I'm driving better than ever, well into A+, well into the top 100 at some daily races, very strong in FR cars.

    This understeer I just don't get. Is this just the way the handling is now? Has anyone using a DS4 controller found this happening?
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    100pc theres way more understeer with a controller. Esses are a near lost cause as you just cannot hang with wheel drivers through them.

    Your best tracks will be point n squirt, Rbr, Brazil, bathurst and especially nurburgring gp track.

    Look at my YouTube vids for how to handle it, you need to make very wide lines in a V shaped apex (not u shaped) and get on the gas hard and early. You also need to unsettle the car a bit on heavy braking with rear based brake balance, and sometimes even tap the brake to unsettle the car to enable turn in.

    Oh and sensitivity 7.
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