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  1. 731 unit drift

    731 unit drift (Banned)

    Hello everyone, First i wanna say Calvin1414 is not the leader of unit731, he is only member. I have deleted him from the crew and reported him. The psn that is displayed for my account is not activated yet. My account that has our members on it is, ANTI--CHRIST. Yes i know it is offencive to some readers, and that is why i am changing it to the my accounts displayed name. I will be holding try outs 5-12 pm. central time.By that time my displayed account should be active.

    And thank for your for your time.
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  2. SPANK


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    Kinda confused on what happened. But Good Luck anyway from Team Drop5!
  3. TeamFalken


    Yes, I am confused aswell. Calvin1414 started thrash talking on me publicly, and i had to shut his little Clio up for being disrespectful to everyone. Watched him embarass himself. Now that there is some order to the team, Good luck from Team Falken :tup:

    Hope you guys make it to the big time, and remember, there's a bunch of teams everywhere. One day, with perserverance, you too can make it to the very top of the pyramid.

    ^Just a little confidence perk up thing I said now ;) Good luck once again! :tup:
  4. 731 unit drift

    731 unit drift (Banned)

    I as well use a clio as a "practice car" and Calvin was like 10 years old and wanted to be on the team, i wanted to give him a chance, my drift account now has no progress jusr my D1 cars, i had to make it so people know who i am and calvin is only a noob.