Unlocked logo sets and sudden memory loss

Discussion in 'FM4 Paintshop' started by Doc Savage NDMF, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Doc Savage NDMF

    Doc Savage NDMF

    For a first post, this probably isn't a great subject, but it's starting to get under my skin a bit... I also didn't feel the main Forza forum was a place for this, I'd rather hear from experienced die hards rather than every person who just bought the game...

    Most of you won't know me from Adam. I'm actually a GT5 transplant, originally having bought my Box for Forza 3. I then preordered 4, and to be honest the only reason I have an Xbox is for this game, and that only because of the livery editor. I can't drive a great deal due to health issues, and most of my time is spent making cars for the guys in the small race club I belong to.

    To save some time, I though I'd try to get some of the contingency type logos unlocked so I could work on cars, not remaking the logos. It's not that I can't, I just would like to save the time.

    The first time I paid for a set of decals that had the word "unlocked" clearly typed in the description line. I assumed it meant PM for the file after paying. The seller "had no idea what I was talking about." He later admitted that just meant he sold them unlocked, as in you paid again, which I understand is a common practice, at least according to how many times I see it in descriptions. You would think that he would have given a $$ amount, but he didn't. If it were written that way in the description, I would have inquired to see what the $$ were and paid if it were worth it... Though whether it actually is possible to do this through a gift after payment I don't know, and given the current events I'd be terribly put off at sending more money for something I had no tangible asset for.

    I then found a few sets that were free, with "PM me for unlocked" in the descriptions. I sent mails to all of them. Again I was met with an assortment of "huh?", "what?" and other assorted denials that rivaled congressional testifiers "not having any recollection of those events".

    The ones I didn't pay for, what are you going to do. The one I did pay for, I do hope he enjoys his cash. I'm not big on revenge, but the thought of doing his special engine designs over and giving them away has crossed my mind. The truth is, I'm not interested in getting even. I just want to do cars.

    I searched for where, and did file complaints in what were supposed appropriate places that went nowhere, though they were filed during what appeared to be a forum change over and update. Even so, someone had to get an email...

    So, for those of you that have been around awhile, I ask for some advice. I have a few options to possibly pursue, and time is something I have more than enough of at this time.

    --Do I find THE actual proper place to file a complaint and pursue getting the credits back for the set I bought...?
    --Do I resend requests to those that offered unlocked sets or am I wasting my time...?
    --Do I just continue to redo and make any logos I need as needed and just keep them for myself...? Admittedly, many of these are available and are already done, but saving them with a car design is a problem. However, some are not available, and some are originals.
    --I'd like to sell cars and or sets/logos in the storefront, but this experience has me thinking not just twice, but three and four times. Given the hack being devised using the "PC program on game saves" of both groups and designs, why would I sell a car and end up just giving away my stuff...?
    --Is it OK to "get even" by doing a sheet and giving it away after someone made you pay for it and then played stupid and just took your credits and ran...?

    I would like to honor the community, and act in an honorable way, but thus far I have been treated as anything but. There has to be some like minded people here, people who understand profit isn't bad, so long as you work for it. It's one thing to ask permission and use a logo vs just swiping it and making a mint.

    Given the number of freebies out there, does it even matter anymore...?

    I would like to find, trade, swap, work off or pay for unlocked logos to use for cars. Most of my work is fictional race liveries from the days of my youth. Some pictures of some of my cars are in my storefront to give you an idea. I am not interested in selling 20 of anything, let alone your design. Just a few one offs scavenged from a cheap auction or a prize car. I would also be open to working on logos for someone to get a livery done if they needed the help as an exchange. Painting is the most I can do on some days, and a challenge isn't always a bad thing.

    I don't post often, and when I do, it's usually a book. If you made it to the end, thankyou for taking the time.

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    I really don't understand what your complaining about.
  3. Wolfe

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    I would recommend against doing either of these.

    The problem is "unlocked" doesn't mean what you think it means. When a livery says "unlocked" in the description that means the design is open to be edited or painted over. If a car is "locked," you can't change the design, and you can't resell the car.

    You weren't paying for unlocked in-game logos. You were paying for custom-made decals. If the designs are unlocked you should be able to access the logos you saw in the preview image, but I'm not sure whether you can copy them to other cars.
  4. Doc Savage NDMF

    Doc Savage NDMF

    So if I understand correctly, you can mo longer "buy" an unlocked decal to modify or use or whatever...

    I bought a set of 12 or so logos, they were supposed to be unlocked, which I assumed was done as a gift sent after you bought the locked set.

    I understand the car locking, and that once you undo it, you don't get it back. I understand protecting a paint job or a livery, totally understand that. I like that when someone can't steal a design, or a paint work or what have you.

    But individual logos, like sparco or what have you, I still though they could be "unlocked", to use as you would you're own.

    Does this mean the old F3 car exchange idea would be dead also..?

    As always, just looking to save some time. I have been making quite the data base of logos and originals, almost to the point I won't need to bother... ;)

    I am still interested in trading/building/buying any logo work for race oriented stuff if anyone is interested.

    And I'm not worrying about the guy who misled me. What goes around comes around. Besides, there's so much scamming going on already it won't matter.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. eeks


    When you gift something to someone, it comes unlocked.
  6. Doc Savage NDMF

    Doc Savage NDMF

    I have a few friends that I have given cars to with special paint schemes, they say that the cars are locked...

    If I send them the "wrap", ie the whole car scheme without the car, will that come through unlocked, or would I have to send each individual vinyl or vinyl group to them to allow them to add to the design. (..I purposely left room for them to add their favorite decals etc..)

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it..!
  7. t.o.


    When you gift stuff it should be unlocked. Maybe the guys are going into the editor and see that it's all grouped and think the design in locked. When you send designs they seem to come grouped automatically, then you'd have to ungroup them to make fine tune edits to the liveries.
  8. Doc Savage NDMF

    Doc Savage NDMF

    I think it's because I sent a car, not just the design set or the individual decal groups. It's like when i get an auction car and strip it, there's no way to change it when it's been locked.

    They don't make decals, just put them on the cars they have. I don't think they've even opened the editor. One of the guys wanted to put another decal on his car but couldn't add anything...

    Thanks again for the help everyone...
  9. Doc Savage NDMF

    Doc Savage NDMF

    In my searching, and as a possible "karmatic reward" for taking the high road, I got into a couple very nice groups for anyone looking for usable decal stock.

    On the main forum, H3rTz DoNuT has a set of car designs with unlocked decals in exchange for whatever donations you can send his way. It seems somewhat hokey at first glance, but I got 13 cars worth of material. I won't use much of it, but there's enough to get anyone a decent bank roll of basic stuff as well as some odd ball stuff that's sure to come in handy for those odd, one off projects.

    I bought maybe 150k worth of stuff and sent a car with some basics back his way in return, a deal (or steal) at half the price.

    Most of you pros won't need them, but any new guys just getting the hang of things will appreciate not only the variety of items, but the progression of how they're made. As they are all unlocked, you can see exactly how they were constructed, and that alone is worth the price of admission...

    It wouldn't hurt if you'd mention Forza Planet and that guy who directed you his way if you would be so kind... I'm sure we'd both appreciate the tip of the cap and the extra publicity... ?B)