Untitled Online League [need 12 more submissions] (name TBC)

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    Hello, today I would like to introduce you all to a little something I've whipped up the past few days regarding an as-of-yet untitled league to take place on Gran Turismo Sport. We are in the midst of planning at the moment, and are seeking feedback regarding rules & regulations. If we get at least 15 responses, we will proceed with further setup of the league.

    Make sure to decide on the name in the form if you can!

    LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/YBTqqqJ2EuyX75Z43
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    Add this, this is from my GT6 club I was in:

    The First Turn Rule - It is the policy of this league for you to hold your position in turn 1 and not try to improve it unless the following situations occur: 1) The driver directly in front of you is asleep on the start. 2) The driver directly in front of you runs off course with at least 2 wheels off the track. 3) Obvious race incidents that must be avoided. 4) If you are able to fully draft past someone without incident or disruption to the other driver(s) with a reasonable distance before approaching the first turn.

    Holding your position in the first turn is limited to the first turn on the first lap. This rule is in place for 2 reason: (1) to effectively avoid incidents in the first turn, and (2) so that drivers who are being careful and doing their part to avoid incidents in the 1st turn of are not taken advantage of. There is no sense in causing an incident in the congestion of the first turn. You can not win the race on the 1st turn or even the 1st lap. If a complaint is filed, the decision we make will be one that promotes an incident free first turn.

    Dive Bombing

    Dive bombing is unacceptable, and only results in incidents. It is not the same as passing under braking. Dive-bombing is when a trailing car intentionally brakes late to dive underneath the car in front of them as they are turning into a corner. The trailing driver must move to the low groove for at least 3-4 seconds prior to corner entry so that the leading driver can see the trailing drivers intentions in his mirror. However, running the low groove is not a guarantee that he will allow you to pass, it is only an indication that you wish to pass on the low side. The trailing driver must also have gained at least a half a car length lead before braking begins so the leading driver can see his position and avoid contact.

    Mics During Racing

    From the beginning of the race, until the last driver crosses the finish line, your mic should be on mute. This allows all racers to concentrate on their driving to the fullest. You may unmute to tell a driver your track position if racing in close proximity. If a racer is on mic by mistake, please feel free to say "Mic Check" to remind all racers to check.

    Race Incidents

    Legitimate complaints are encouraged, they insure a better racing environment for everyone. Complaints should be addressed by "Private Message" to the race steward of the race in which the incident occurred. It is a matter to respect every Turtle on the track, as we are competing against each other on the track, we all must remain clean at all times. If you know you made a mistake on the track by pushing a turtle off track, please let them gain their position back. We are Turtle Racing League, and we want to be remembered as a respectful clean racer towards any racer out there. Please include race number, lap number, and time of incident. A ruling will be announced after a video review by an independent steward. All racing incidents or racing related issues shall be dealt with privately and under no circumstance mentioned publicly.

    Gentleman Rule

    In 2 Situations the Gentleman Rule Can apply, first off, when racing with a group of racers around you, and hitting someone off track, you are at fault, you must give their position back and wait up for them, even if it requires losing positions. Second off, When going off track, and cars are around you, the on track cars have the right of way, and when it's the correct time, please cautiously return to track when it's safe too, even if it requires to brake or let off the gas pedal to allow on track racers past you. Failing to follow the Gentleman Rule, and getting a race complaint against you will lead to Stewards Penalizing you for not following the rule. The Basic Saying is, when you make a mistake, you are at fault and be a Gentleman about it. We do not want to be saying to everyone week by week that you cant go off track or push someone off track. We all make mistakes on track sometimes weather hitting someone off track, or going off track, but when happening, be a Gentleman about it. To Apply The Gentleman rule towards yourself, another gentleman way to penalized yourself simply by letting off the gas pedal for roughly 3-5 Seconds. This way no ground is gained. Please Know that Turtle Racing League Does NOT take penalty's very serious, we are all here to have a blast racing together. For the most part the first couple of times we will talk to you about what happened and make sure it does Not happen again. We all make mistakes off and on track, and we want to turn your mistakes into successful Racing by knowing not to do that again.
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    We have about 20% of the required responses needed. We just need at least 12 more submissions in order for the league to go ahead.
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    Hello all.

    We will be closing submissions in 6 days and we only have 20% of the submissions we need to get the greenlight for this league.
    If we do not have enough before Saturday night, the league will not go ahead.