Upgrade T150 pedals?

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I got a used T150 (more like used once then sold, it was in og box with manuals, plastics...) recently for ~90 bucks and I'm really happy with the wheel (except the D-pad which sucks) but the pedals are pretty darn bad. I'm looking to upgrade them but I'm a bit lost. I have found:

  • T300: This look the same as the T150 but with metal pedals instead of plastic. Am I right? Are there any different models? I would swear I saw some T300 RS or pro, but I can't find them anymore (30 bucks used)
  • T3PA: I don't really have use for the clutch atm but this look good (40 bucks used)
  • T3PA pro: This look amazing but I'm afraid I don't have enough space for them (60+)

Can anyone confirm my suspicion on the T300 pedals?

Are the T3PA fully compatible? (I'm playing on a PS4 pro) Are this significantly better than the base T150?

If you could find a cheap T3PM pedal set, they'd also might be a good option. They have magnetic sensors instead of mechanical potentiometers so are smoother and more sensitive - and won't get dirty and wear out.The brake stiffness is also adjustable.

I think all their current pedals are compatible with all their wheel bases.

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