Upgraded to PS5 - Lost Scapes

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Sorry if this has been asked before (I did search here and online but without much joy).

Due to lack of PS5 availability I've been playing GT7 on my PS4 until this weekend when I managed to pick up a PS5.

I've since paid the extra £10 to obtain the PS5 version of GT7 and after a 6 hour download I'm now playing it. Everything seems to be ok apart from all my scapes are missing. Now I presumed they were part of the cloud save along with all the liveries and styles, but since read that they were baked into the game app.

Scapes I've shared appear in my "Shared Items" but you're unable to open them to edit.

I've since deleted the PS4 version of the game on the PS5 (but still have it saved on my PS4 in case I need to transfer again). Is there any way of getting the scapes into the PS5 version so that you can open them up again?

Main reason I ask is that I've been using some as templates for taking gallery shots of my liveries (IE open scape replace car, snap, save, rinse and repeat).

My gut feeling is no, but any light you can shed would be great!
Seems there isn't a way, so just bit the bullet and spent some time recreating the templates I use the most. Gave me an excuse to recalibrate them a bit.

Also found I have to switch between Ray Tracing on and off depending on the scene as RT makes wheels look fuzzy and silver paint look weird in some scapes.