Upgrading from my Pitbike to a Dirtbike.

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Kings, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Kings


    Hey Guys.
    I've been riding a 125cc PitPro Bigfoot for a while now and I would love to hear some suggestions from you guys.
    My preferences are..
    250-400cc (I'm still reasonably new to motorbikes :p)
    Road Legal-able
    Preferably a well known brand.
    Mostly Riding trails, Bit of sand, Occasional Jump small to medium size and lots of hillclimbs.
    My height is ~180cm

    So far the two bikes that tickle my fancy are the KTM 250 EXC-F and the 400 EXC.
    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  2. Dragonistic


    Unfortunately, I have no idea what bikes are available in Australia readily. One thing is certain though, a price range will help people find something nice.

    Also might be worth considering a 125 2 stroke as they're easier to work on and shouldn't be expensive, shouldn't be lacking power either to much (unrestricted you should be able to get about 25-30bhp at least from a half decent one).

    Other bikes worth a look
    Honda CR/CRF
    Yamaha WR
    Suzuki DRZ
    Husqvarna TE

    I'm no expert, but so far as I know all the above have reasonable credentials for the job but it might be worth doing a little more research. That said the KTM EXC also seems a decent option
  3. Kings


    Thanks for the reply dragonistic.
    I didn't put in a price range since the buy will probably be a little way down the road so that I can save up the money. Those are some nice bikes you suggested.
    The huski's an interesting one. Some people swear by em and others hate em.
    I have been looking at a lot of 2 strokes I'm pretty surprised that there was such a large power increase with the 2 stroke, much larger than I thought. But I think I would ultimately aim at 4-stroke as they are more efficient quieter and I'm reasonably familiar with them too.
    What do you ride?
  4. Dragonistic


    I ride a Yamaha DT125 SM (sometimes known as a DTX, the main differences from a normal DT being the tyres, brakes, and other bits to make it more useful on the road). Specifically, this DT:

    It's a 2 stroke as you probably guessed by my post, mines still restricted as I need to do my full test until I'm allowed more then 15bhp, but it will still do 80mph at a push in it's current state and acceleration is a plenty (the exhaust isn't stock so there's a very marginal power increase from standard, but the revs are limited to stop me getting the full force). If/when I remove that electronic restriction, which is literally as simple as cutting a wire and earthing it, it should develop hopefully ~10bhp or more extra, but I'm not desperate to change anything just yet.

    As a general rule of thumb, a 2 stroke will develop twice the power of a same size 4 stroke if I'm not mistaken (that is without restrictions). That said you are correct in going for a 4 stroke if you want something a little quieter and more efficient.

    I don't really know alot about the bikes I suggested, but I'm sure there's plenty of resources (Google is your friend :sly:) to have a look at what are the main points of each.
  5. Kings


    Thats a nice bike you got there mate.
    I'll be on the same boat when I get my restricted licence.
    In Queensland I think we're only allowed 150kw/ tonne and a max capacity of 660cc. Before I bought the pit bike I wanted to get a CBR125R but I think I've decided against riding on the roads regularly cos it is pretty dangerous.
    My main reason for factoring sound is basically because there are very few "legal" places to ride in QLD that are any good and many people say that in some areas cops and rangers will turn a blind eye as long as your not being an idiot or generating any noise complaints.
    Good luck with your full test and stay safe mate.
    Heres what my Pitty looks like. Its a 2010 model and I nabbed it for only AU$550 it probably goes around 55ish mph but thats a 4-stroke I guess
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  6. Dragonistic


    It's a baby moto! Seriously though I bet it was a blast to play with. I had to buy something which was good on the road for commuting but still fun for my own pleasure, whilst appealing to my own tastes. As soon as I discovered the DTX existed I knew I wanted one and the rest is history.

    Anyway, have a look at prices around the net and see what's in your range then we can go from there.