Use controller for menus and wheel for driving (PS4), possible?

There are screens where you have to use the right stick to scroll through lists of items. Now, I use the t300 wheel to control the game, which has no stick at all, is there a way to use the controller for navigating the menus and limit the wheel to driving only? Thanks


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Try setting wheel in PS3 mode that will force you to use DS4

That worked on other games so give it a try I cannot promise it will work. If it does work the game may well recognise your wheel as a T500.
I too would like to know this. You can't use the right stick and the t300 does not have an equivalent button. Also I have to turn the ds4 off to use the wheel.

Very annoying.

I want the pad for menus and whhel for driving. I don't have the th8a yet to try that.
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Unless I am mistaken, you can use either wheel or controller, not both (sadly).
Using wheel and BT keyboard does not work either.

Maybe it is time for someone to produce a button box that works on PS4, I am in desperate need of a lot more buttons to assign.
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