Using a Controller with AC on PC using BFT

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    This is a Blunt Force Trauma method of using a controller, I have the Xbox 360 controller on my PC and got tired of all the twitchyness and tire squealing on a lot of cars and I want to play all the cars not just the well behaved ones.

    So after much investigation and experimentation I found this works like a charm, it involves the car.ini files in the car data folders (if your car doesn't have a car data folder but a data.acd file you need to extract it using quickbms, google it and there are YouTube videos on how it works), you only have to change one setting.

    It's the LINEAR_STEER_ROD_RATIO value under CONTROLS, it's usually a value like 0.00240, now if you lower the value it raises the amount of movement your thumb stick needs to move the front wheels of the car, some cars as you may have noticed swerve from side to side when you move the thumbstick a little. It's set for those using a wheel not a controller, which is a shame as AC just needs to have this as an adjustable setting in the setup of the cars and all would be good.

    So if we take the 0.00240 value for example (all cars are slightly different) and divide by 3 and multiply by 2 we get 0.00160 which is a really good starting point, you may have to adjust it up or down depending on the car but it's like magic, the car will respond beautifully, I can cut seconds of my lap times and have the cars under perfect control, no more twitchyness or tire squealing. You can do lap after lap without scrubbing out your tires and really power around the corners.

    car.ini file in data folder:

    LINEAR_STEER_ROD_RATIO=0.00240 <-------------- Lower this value by one third for a start then trial and adjust if necessary.

    Remember to back up your files and let me know if you try it and how it works for you please.
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