Using Motorcycle NCB on a Car Policy? (UK Insurance Question)

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Dragonistic, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Ooook, so I'm getting a little ahead of myself here as I won't be getting a car any time soon, however sooner or later the time will come where I am looking to purchase a car and of course get insurance on it. My question is, are there any insurance companies that accept motorcycle no claims discounts to reduce the price of car insurance?

    Other details, I want to keep the motorcycle as well most likely, so in an ideal world I want to be able to use my motorcycle NCB on my bike AND on whatever my first car is but if I have to transfer my NCB away from my bike to the car cover that's feasible if it works out cheaper in the end.

    Google suggests Tesco will be willing to as detailed below but specifies switched.
    "Yes. We recognise motorbike riders' safe driving too. No claims discount built up while riding a motorbike can be switched to a car insurance policy so the policyholder gets the discount they deserve."

    I have a strong feeling though that having motorcycle insurance without an NCB (but still with 4 or more years riding experience and it will only be my 125CC), combined with a 4 or so year NCB on a car will work out considerably cheaper then keeping the discount on the bike.

    That said it would be a dream come true if I could use 4 years NCB on both, and even if I did the above would that mean come year 2 of driving a car I'd be on a 5+ year NCB which I can carry to other insurance companies?

    Was going to post in the car section but I feel more bikers will have experience in the field. Thanks for any and all contributions.
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    When I was still riding bikes I wasn't aware of any insurance companies that would allow you to use bike NCB on a car or vice versa but if Tesco are doing it now then I would assume others are too. I don't know which would though so it would probably be best phoning them at the time as they may not detail it on their websites as I'd imagine it's quite a rare request.

    As far as I know you can't use a NCB built up on one vehicle for multiple vehicles but you can get multiple vehicle policies so the NCB may reduce the whole policy as you can only ride/drive one at a time.

    Probably not that much help really!
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    NCB/NCD is earned on a vehicle, not by the driver. Insurers unofficially transfer NCD with a driver but, technically, you could lose your NCD every time you switch vehicles. This is why when you insure multiple vehicles, you'll have your maximum attained NCD on the primary one and whatever the insurer decides for the secondary one - we're lucky in that we both have quite large NCDs and our insurer mirrors it onto the third vehicle.

    The chances of you transferring NCD from bikes to cars? Almost none. However, you may find an insurer willing to take account of your bike NCD and mirror/match it to your car.
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    Direct Line also allowed a transfer of NCB if you got rid of the bike, I didn't suspect there would be a way to use NCB for both but seeing as first year insurance is so expensive any dent in the price could be worth going for. It would appear there's no way to directly have both vehicles with a discount as expected (a guy can hope right?) but some insurers may take into account the road experience period and give a small discount without the no claims.

    As it stands assuming Tesco don't change any time soon, they could be well worth a look when it comes to driving as the discount made on the car may well more then make up for the price gained on the bike. We'll just have to wait and see I guess it probably won't be for a LONG time yet but it's worth fishing around early.

    Ultimately I'll probably just not buy a car for the first year and become a named driver on my parents vehicle at the time (not cheating the system and saying it's their car when it's mine, actually using their car on rare occasions and nothing more) and continue to use whatever motorcycle I own as a daily as I do now.

    Hopefully the DTX will last a long time, I really want to stay in Supermoto territory and no other bike appeals to me in the same way (I wish I could find a 250 2 stroke which is relatively new now to move on to in years to come, roadable and appealing to me to look at). That's a little off topic though.

    Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it.