Using Sophy creatively

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United Kingdom
An idea I'd considered in another thread was that currently without using the showcase search functionality it is massively difficult to get ghost cars to follow/beat at everyone's own levels online that is the S-D DR levels.

Only previous top and current top 10 ghosts are available and quite frankly hardly something the majority of players can keep up with including myself let alone really learn from.

Could it be an idea that we have a Sophy/Sophy ghost we set at a pace in front of us (or behind) that we can then follow setting that gap larger/smaller in increments we choose so we can improve in a consistently paced Manor that is tuned to our own abilities and can be made relevant to whatever it is (sports mode, TT, WTC800, GR1) races etc.

Just a thought.

Are there any other ideas for novel uses for Sophy?
Hmm, maybe a Lap Comparison mode? Like a replay, but you can pick a specific sector and the game will show both your and Sophy's best runs through that part of the track, along with inputs for each. Then you can compare and contrast the two lines to see where you can gain time
I would love to see the power of sophy AI to be used to create a better penalty system. A system where you don’t get the penalty if you are ramped and then goes of track or hits someone else.
Where your rating isn’t affected by races ruend by dirty drivers.
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