Using the Audi R10 in Endurance Races

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Would you use the R10 in all the Enduros?

  1. Sure, it's a beautiful car

  2. No, other cars are easier

  3. No, I prefer other cars

  4. Yes, but who has the time?

  1. LilJamJam


    I first met the Audi R10 while searching for a car to take on the A Spec Nurburgring 24h race. I bought the R10 noting the above average fuel economy.
    So I did the race over 4 days during which I fell in love with the R10; we were melded together by looks and sheer longevity. I did 183 laps, won by 3 and my best time was a 7:23 in the last hour of the race.
    It was only after the race that I found out about the R10's dominance in the Le Mans and its unique reputation among GT5 players. Despite its below average performance and mediocre fuel economy, it was still my favourite.
    My ultimate goal in GT5 was to win all 4 24h enduros with the R10. While doing the two A Spec races was easy due my skill and use of shortcuts (not to mention I had A LOT of spare time), the B Spec races were a major problem. My R10 just couldn't keep up with the R8's, Pescarolos, the Speed 8 and the BMW V12. I was losing about 6 seconds a lap even when I pushed my drivers the hardest.
    So, I prepared and using these nice tips I was able to win the Le Mans B Spec with the R10 (I haven't attempted the Nurburgring yet):

    1. Get an exceptional tune - this is the big one. The R10's monstrous torque makes it painfully slow when coming out of corners. With a good tune, you'll be able to keep up and eventually pass your competition. I recommend Praiano's Tune or CSL Racing's Tune for the R10 as they provide the best acceleration when coming out of corners. (search them up on Google)
    2. Get a good lineup - this is a no brainer. Recycle lobbies until you get a grid with not as much good cars. I got lucky on my 6th attempt and the fearsome R8 and the Pescarolo GV5 weren't in the race. If there is an R8, then passing him will be not impossible, but a lot longer.
    3. Practice your Bob's - all my drivers were Level 35's and had blue arrows. I don't think it matters whether your drivers are hot and cold (my 3 drivers are all cool)
    4. Be persistent - at the beginning I was down to 10th at one point before coming back to 5th at the end of the first lap. Then I was in a very heated battle for 2nd with the Bentley, BMW and the Toyota GT1. It took me almost an hour to finally get to 2nd and get clear. It took me another half hour to get to 1st (Pescarolo C60 Hybride). Due to the C60's short fuel tank, I passed him when he came in for his second pit stop.
    5. Keep your drivers foot down - you're going to need to babysit for this one. I never let my drivers cool down, keeping them in between hot and cool. Since the C60 was cool and I wasn't, I was getting lap times about 4-6 seconds faster. For this reason I suspended the race a couple of times. My drivers were posting times in the high 3:30's to low-mid 3:40's.
    Some notes:
    You may encounter the AI pit bug (Google it) which will make your job much easier later on.
    I ran RM/RH tyres for even wear and faster times (I lasted 11 laps per stop)

    I am currently in Hour 5 and I am leading by 1 lap over the C60. I have done 80 laps and my fastest time is a 3:34.349 and I'm beginning to see the first stages of the AI pit bug. I'll keep you updated on the race.

    It can be done! If you have anything to say just ask me on this thread.
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  2. LilJamJam


    The AI pit bug is in full swing. Every car is affected, including mine, though its effect is minimal on me due to my Pit Strength being set to OFF. I regain about 70-80% of strength every stop, while others regain about 30%.
    2nd - 4th are most affected, they pit every 2 laps. This means the less affected 7th and 8th (they pit every 6 laps) are on the rise. Meanwhile, I keep posting post 3:40 lap times regularly, and still last 11 laps per stop. This means I've lapped my competition a lot more.
    The standings after almost 11 hours are:
    1. Audi R10 (me), 172 laps
    2. Pescarolo C60 Hybride, -5
    3. Bentley Speed 8, -6
    4. BMW V12 LMR, -7
    5. Pescarolo Courage C60, -8
    6. Toyota GT-ONE, -8
    7. Audi R10 (the other one), -10
    8. AMG Mercedes CLK-LM, -11
    9. Nissan R390 GT1, -13
    10. BMW McLaren F1 GTR, -15
    11. Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, -20
    12. Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, -21

    This race is becoming a joke. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th are pitting EVERY SINGLE LAP. 6th is the other Audi R10 and is making up about 20 secs on the C60 Hybride a lap. Happily, it still pits every 6 laps and with 8 hours left, an Audi R10 1-2 looks like a real possibility (**** yes, a dream finish)
    There was some shuffling in positions, but it has settled. Meanwhile, I keep the pace on my Audi, intent on setting the max. amount of laps.
    The standings after 16 hours are:

    1. Audi R10 (me), 255 laps
    2. Pescarolo C60 Hybride, -13
    3. Bentley Speed 8, -14
    4. Pescarolo Courage C60, -14
    5. Toyota GT-ONE, -15
    6. Audi R10 (other), -15 (making up heaps of ground)
    7. BMW V12 LMR, -16
    8. AMG Mercedes CLK-LM, -17
    9. Nissan R390 GT1, -18
    10. BMW McLaren F1 GTR, -21
    11. Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, -29
    12. Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, -32
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  3. LilJamJam


    Last Update Before Finish:
    The other Audi R10's rise up the board has been meteoric. It is only half a lap behind the C60 at 2nd, but at a price. Unfortunately the AI pit bug has finally affected the other R10, it is down to 2 laps per stop. It has remained this way for the past hour, so hopefully it will still make 2nd place by the time the race finishes.
    The R10 is not the only car moving up. The AMG has moved up as well, but the pit bug has affected it also similar to the other R10. The R390 has been affected, but much less so.
    Strangely, the Toyota is not changing drivers at pit stops (poor Bob)
    Other than that, nothing much has happened. My R10 is keeping pace as planned.
    The standings after 20 hours are:

    1. Audi R10 (me), 318 laps
    2. Pescarolo C60 Hybride, -19
    3. Audi R10 (other), -19
    4. AMG Mercedes CLK-LM, -21
    5. Bentley Speed 8, -21
    6. Pescarolo Courage C60, -22
    7. Nissan R390 GT1, -23
    8. BMW V12 LMR, -23
    9. Toyota GT-ONE, -23
    10. BMW McLaren F1 GTR, -26
    11. Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, -37
    12. Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, -40
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  4. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare (Banned)

    I only got the R10 to complete my collection, but the Peugeot 908 is still better in everyway.
  5. LilJamJam


    I know, but wouldn't you do what it takes to get your favourite cars to the top?
    Oh, and the other R10 and AMG have fought a noble fight, but they have succumbed to pitting every lap, when the R10 was just 10 seconds behind the C60
    So much for my dream Audi 1-2 finish :(
    Only 5 cars aren't pitting every lap, including myself.

    (PS I'm bummed that the R10 is not better than the 908. It technically beat the 908 in the real Le Mans due to its economy and performance in the wet. The real 908 had better performance though in the dry)
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  6. Ninners


    United Kingdom
    I also did a 24Hour race in the R10, I managed to win it twice, after I built a big lead I had left to run in the background, the pit glitch lead to an Audi R10 1-2, with 17laps in between us.