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Discussion in 'GT5 Course Maker' started by vampiro, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Hi all, I've been playing with the new features of the GT5 Course Maker trying to recreate some of my favorite tracks pre-1.06 patch (multi-apex corners, hairpins, etc) to no avail, but in the process I've come around with some new tracks that are becoming my new favorites and I'd like to share them with the community and if possible receive feedback about them. I'll post for the moment 3 different concept tracks: 1 twisty resistance circuit, a general-purpose GP circuit and a half-oval, road course circuit. Example laps are run with the F2007 for the sake of making the videos not too lengthy.

    Brasov Resiztentaring



    If u liked any of these tracks feel free to add me: Vampiro_Snake

    I'm probably going to open an online room tomorrow or this friday's night for online testing.
  2. shirakawaa

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    The third one looks like the road course variation of a vintage oval track.

  3. BroncosXR8


    Yep I like the 3rd track 'Geschwindigkeitstrecke', it has a 'real' feel to it. :tup:

    The 1st 'Brasov Resiztentaring' is to twisty for me, but I'm sure touge guys would love it.

    The 2nd 'Hunedoararing' track I can give some (constructive) criticism of, to me it seems as if it is two parallel straights broken up by very complex corners. Not really something I would look for in a GP/GT style track, I would be aiming for something more along the lines of changing one of those complex section into a lees complex area maybe with some sweepers or a basic 2 - 3 corner sector.

    Edit: After watching the video of track 2, it looks quite good actually :), the track map makes it look smaller and tighter than it really is, I wonder what lesser cars are like on it though? It does seem very wide.

    Also when making the video can you enable the track map in the HUD so there is a reference point for the track and corners.