Varyxx's tracks!

Discussion in 'GT6 Course Maker Showcase' started by Vary, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Vary


    Hi guys, since all the track makers I've seen so far seemed to ignore some F1 circuit (not the "Tilkodromes") I've decided to try this incredible tool to recreate some of them.

    So far I've created the Circuit of the Americas, with the only problem that the track editor can't recreate the elevation changes, so it's flat. It also doesn't let you make you do slow hairpins, so the two hairpins on COTA are a little more fast.

    I'm also recreating the Hungaroring, the track layout is finished, it only need a few additions (like curbing).

    my psn id is varyxx, I hope you enjoy my recreations!