vHUD For F1 2016 (companion app for UDP telemetry reading)

United Kingdom
Hello everyone.

I've released today an Windows 10 UWP and Android app for F1 2016, to make use of the UDP data being sent with patch 1.5.0.

Supports all platforms (PC, XBOX, PS4). The Android version is available now, and the Windows version should be available in the next 24 hours (it has already been approved by Microsoft). You can check the official website here, with links to the stores of both versions: http://simracingmanager.com/projects-list/vhud-f12016

Because the amount of data sent by F1 2016, not all features that currently exist for Project Cars will be made available, like lap uploads, result uploads, rivals and saving results. If the data changes however, I will update the apps accordingly.

Also, for Windows 10 I've added the option of a 7 day trial (unfortunately on Android I cannot do this).

Hope you enjoy it, makes it useful for you guys, and if you have any issues or recommendations, just let me know.

PS: No idea what is going on with the titles, where is automatically capitalizing the first letter on each word.