Video Game Chronicle (VGC) review lowest on Metacritic - no online play

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Right now the lowest review score on Metacritic is a 60 from VGC. I noticed their review doesn't mention multiplayer or Sport modes at all.
Got me wondering how far they got into the game.
Their screenshots showed progression to level 14 but I then noticed the date on the screenshots is January 27th.

All looks very strange.

Edit: yes they're using screenshots everyone had access too, but still wondering if they played any multiplayer modes.
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a google image search shows they were taken GTPlanet's main GT7 guide page
Yeah, but they're not our pictures.

They're press images distributed by Sony. We might show as the first place to post them in a reverse image search, but that's pretty much because I downloaded them, uploaded them, and slapped them into the guide in four minutes.
I don't know about the review, but the screenshot is taken from the main GT7 website.

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Yep, edited to say they're not taken from GTPlanet, but I still think it's strange you can review this game with zero mention of the multiplayer modes.
I'd say VGC is just eager to start getting clicks. In comparison, Gamespot makes it known that their initial score is incomplete because they haven't gotten to thoroughly sample the online gameplay yet. They show an initial score on their site but haven't reported it to Metacritic.