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    Howdy, people of Horizon!

    FH2 surely is one of, if not THE best free-roaming car games on the market right now - but as any other open-world game released in recent times, it offers a combination of a vast game area with easily surmountable challenges that may feel dull after a while. The online portion of the gameplay, with its design clearly aiming at the casual player more than the "serious" street or rally racer, isn't helping much in keeping things interesting.

    Rivals? Puah. Bucket list? I could complete those challenges blindfolded and drunk.

    So, an idea dawned on me. In the era before online playing became commonplace, the community that formed around a game called Marathon decided to give its finest a chance to prove they were the very best. Those brave heroes faced insane challenges and recorded them on video for posterity and bragging rights. They were called Vidmasters, a word you may have already heard if you're familiar with another game the developers of Marathon produced, a little something called Halo.

    Of course, that was 1997, and this is 2015. Back then producing a screencap was hard, and distributing it even harder. Now all you'd have to do is capture a video using the Game DVR function built in the Xbox One, upload it to Youtube, and post a nice link here so that we can all see it and be in awe at your l337 skillz.

    So, here is what I propose:

    • Vidmaster challenges should be hard. And by that, I mean that a mere mortal shouldn't be able to ever fathom how to complete them;
    • As a corollary of the above-stated point, there is no "winner" in Vidmaster challenges. Although we could totally set up scoreboards where possible;
    • Challenges can be about anything that can be achieved in the game (i.e. "drive on a certain track in a certain amount of time without shortcuts" or, "flip your car a certain amount of time" or "do a mad skillz chain of j-turns while dressed in a bear suit") - we shall renounce challenges that put the exploit of a glitch as an objective and challenges that are factually impossible;
    • Challenges can or cannot rely on the scoring system for skills and/or time measurement system provided by the game;
    • Everybody should be able to pose a challenge to his fellow players.

    So. Anybody interested?
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    (Reserved post... Just in case)
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    Sounds interesting but that part had me worried. I was so mad when I couldn't finish the 200 MPH Pagani challenge from the DLC pack.