"View options" in Gran Turismo

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East part of the thing.

I recently asked a silly question about the "Views" in Gran Turismo 1. Finally maybe not so silly in that sense that I edited a 9 thumbnails video, in order to document the point for PAL version (I very much like documenting points :dopey: ).

The replay I used has been played 9 times in "View Position - Chase 2", but with 9 different combinations of:
- "Chase View" (abbreviated C.V. in the picture below, modes are "Normal", "Loose" and "Tight")
- "View Angle" (V.A. , "Narrow", "Normal" and "Wide")
in the "Options" menu, then "Configuration 2".

Big difference is between the "Normal Chase View" and the "Loose/Tight Chase View". Normal Chase View allows more car movements relatively to the track, which stays "straight", at the contrary of Loose or Tight Chase View: the car doesn't move that much, but the tracks gets more "curvey".
The "Wide View Angle" has also a big influence on the depth of the field of view, compared to the "Narrow/Normal". For me, the Wide View Angle "speeds up" the game a little bit, also.

Sorry for the blurring of some thumbnails; with my capture card, it really depends on the moment I click on "record", if by chance it starts on a sharp image, or a blurry one (but this little visual delay between the synchronized 9 vids has an advantage sound wise: it gives to the SVX's sound a nice depth, I think :) )

Here's the video, but you click at your own risks.