PS4 [VSR] Vintage Formula 1 series (POSTPONED still taking signups for reschedule)

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    Vulpine Sim Racing [VSR] is a new league coming to Project cars 2. This league is based on forming a community of racers dedicated to the sport and looking for new connections. My League is focused on forming a "family" of racers that are looking for a good time while also being serious. Anyone of any experience is free to join. Information on the series will be out shortly and feel free to ask questions or state concerns about any of the information posted. As the league grows it may expand to have more series in the future. VSR hopes to allow drivers to show their driving class and ability as well as their smarts in race craft and set up work. After all the definition of Vulpine is clever or quick witted like a fox, which live up to being fast and elusive just as a driver should be! If you are interested in joining add a post to the thread or message me on PSN @ DjVixen_Vulpine. We look forward to seeing you on track.
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    Series Schedule:

    As of now all races will be held on Friday Nights. The race proceedings will start at 7:30pm UCT however the room itself will be open before this time for everyone to join.

    Night Format:
    Practice - 25 minutes
    Qualifying - 20 minutes
    Race - 150 miles
    EXCEPTION - qualifying and practice for Nürburgring combined will be combined into one 45 minute qualifying session.

    (As of now the time is not strictly set. It will be changed if need be.)
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    Tentative Race Calendar:

    (dates are subject to change and will be confirmed before respective rounds)

    TBD - Imola - 49 laps
    TBD - Watkins Glen GP - 45 laps
    TBD - Catalunya - 53 laps
    TBD - Monaco - 73 laps
    TBD - Hockenheim Classic - 36 laps
    TBD - Zhuhai - 56 laps

    TBD - Nürburgring Combined - 10 laps
    TBD - Monza - 42 laps
    TBD - Silverstone Classic - 54 laps
    TBD - Spa Francorchamps - 35 laps
    TBD - Long Beach - 63 laps
    TBD - Sakitto - 45 laps
    TBD - Brands Hatch GP - 62 laps
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    Points Scoring:

    Points will be awarded as follows --
    P1 - 10 pts
    P2 - 8 pts
    P3 - 6 pts
    P4 - 5 pts
    P5 - 4 pts
    P6 - 3 pts
    P7 - 2 pts
    P8 - 1 pt
    Fastest Lap 1 pt

    If less than 8 drivers finish the race points will be awarded on count back of retirees
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    Current Drivers:

    As new drivers express interest they will be added to this list.
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    Series standings:

    (Will be added once series begins)
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    Other Important Info:

    The car for this series is the Vintage Lotus 98T
    (As of now the car is subject to change via majority vote to another vintage F1 car)

    Full setups are allowed
    No fuel or tire restrictions

    lotus 98t.jpg
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    Next Rounds Info:

    The next round will be the season opener at Imola.
    The weather progression will be sync to race
    Slot 1: Overcast
    Slot 2: Light cloud
    Slot 3: Heavy cloud
    In game start time: 11 AM

    Room Format:
    Currently set to start 7:30 PM UCT
    Practice 25 min
    Qualifying 20 min
    Race 150 miles (49 laps)
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