Watch One of Forza's Fastest Set a New World Record in Horizon 3

Well the expansion is only out for 10 days and with 27 courses and a handful of PI classes, there are a lot of class/track combinations to make a so called "world record" on. Just look at the difference between his score and the second one, almost a full second and it is exactly for that reason. If the entire FH3 community would play for a week the same car class on the same track, only then would I be impressed with a world record.

The monthly rival events also have more players playing the same settings on the same track but I don't see any world record bragging videos there yet.

Having that said, he did drive a very solid lap though and his skill level is way above my own. Hats off for that, but not for the world record.
Hey guys, thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate it. :) Just to let everybody know: I made some adjustments related to the gearbox, which are found in the new video.

@breyzipp: You are right, mate. It's still new and there are probably some people, who can drive some good times, too. ;) These videos are actually more about the world record worthy tunes than the laps. Btw: I uploaded a world record lap from one of the monthly rivals events ~a week ago. You can find it under the name "Record Hunt #1". I should still be first. :)