Weird GT5 steering.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by Fooze, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Fooze


    First of all I'm sorry if this is the wrong sub forum I've choosed, I was confused which one to use so here goes.

    I've just played the Demo you can download from the PS3 store.

    I would consider myself as a above average GT player, the games 1 - 4 I have all been very good at, it doesn't bug me if GT 5 is harder in the steering, but the steering seems VERY weird, the car feels REALLY heavy if I steer hard to the right (example, could be left aswell) and speed up at the same time the car just looses speed, and if I brake just a little bit the car just continues into the dirt I understand this if I were driving 200 MPH and just braking all it could but I don't, I'm sorry if the new steering is more realistic, I'm not old enough to own a car in real life.

    Is it just me that think the steering is weird?
    If it's not supposed to be weird is it fixed in the Prologue or have they said anything about it, like if they would fix it when the game is out?

    - Fooze.
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  2. TiZzla


    New Zealand
    Its not weird, its just different.

    It's much more realistic than the previous games.

    And yes, you posted this in the wrong place
  3. ploopsy


    The steering in that GTHD demo is not the same as GT5P... the new game is allot more challenging and the steering does not feel weird. I always find the physics in newer installments more difficult at first. But once you adjust to it you love it more than ever.
  4. Bank


    Hey Fooze, I'm young too but I practice on my parent's cars then I compare them to Gran Turismo :)

    What you're experiencing is probably the giant leap in physics from PS2 to PS3
    And something to do with slow weight transfer if you're steering too quickly when driving fast?

    lol :S

    And damn driving with 900 degree steering in life was quite different from my lame PS2 racing wheel which isn't even 360 degrees. I wish I was playing with 900 ^_^
    Everything else was represented well in GT4 (don't own GT5:p but I have finished it) though.
  5. G.T.Ace


    What Demo?
    If you mean Prologue: Switch off the driving aids and choose professional physics.
  6. heliockjent


    Hello to all.
    I don't think so their is problem of steering in GT5P whenever you play new game it's some difficult and it is different than ps2 racing wheel.
    It is more interesting than then the previous one. It take time but whenever you adjust on it you feel more comfertable.