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    I feel like this is the best place to put this question. I'm completely stumped.

    Last night, my connection when trying to access sites like YouTube and Facebook were getting markedly slower and slower. I've reset my browser (Firefox 71.0) a few times. I've reset my computer a few times. I've made sure Firefox was the only application running. I've reset my router and my modem, no issues there. I've ran my anti-virus, optimized the disk, cleared my caches, made sure my computer was completely up to date. GTPlanet loads up lickity-split, but when I try and load either YouTube or Facebook specifically, they clock for a good two or three minutes trying to load before it just gives up, and all I see is a blank white screen.

    I've tried opening YouTube on other browsers, and it sorta works, but just really slowly.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm completely at a loss, and I feel like I've exhausted every possible avenue I can think of.

    Lists of sites that load quickly:

    Sites that load eventually:
    -My banking site

    Sites that straight don't load:

    Edit: Issue sort-of resolved. Apparently there's a specific way I have to clear my cache on this browser in order for things to work. I still can't really access Facebook, but that's probably for the best. YouTube works like a charm now.

    Apologies for sludging up this forum with a useless post.
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    Do you have a video that shows how your problem exactly occurs? Would be of great help.
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    What are your DNS settings? Try using and see if that helps.
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    Open your task manager and look at the disk usage, see if something's spinning the disc up to 100%. Cache-heavy webpages will suffer a significant slowdown if this is the case - usually the culprit is an anti-virus scan/update.