Weird push-aside effect when colliding with traffic when driving pickup vehicles?

Discussion in 'The Crew 2' started by GTnForza4ever, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Game isn't as bad as I expected it to be after all, but... moving on to the actual subject.

    I just noticed when I collide into traffic when driving a pickup truck sometimes the collision will be completely ignored and I'll be moved aside instead of colliding, is this a glitch? I know I have a lot of avoid tolerance pieces on my F150 Touring car, is that why or is it a glitch? I wouldn't wanna abuse exploits accidentally and end up getting banned. I got all epic parts and full driver affix put into bumper. Shouldn't it save me from being reset on a strong collision?

    Like I said, game isn't bad... it's just... grindy and non-hypercar races barely last long enough to enjoy.

    Apologies for editing this already, just wanted to say, I got about 26% (Apologies for the epic typo here...) avoid tolerance with both driver and pieces put together.
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    It sounds like avoid tolerance is working as expected; it's very easy to "hit" an object in this game and almost rub off the corner to avoid it. Adding on 26% would make a huge difference to this and would certainly make a noticeable difference.
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