[WEIRD] Tyres and fuel last a bit too much in GT Sport

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by die996, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. die996

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    Recently, mainly due to GT4/GT5 nostalgia, I've played some rather long single-player races. I tried to imitate those grueling endurance races of the past and I've noticed something: tyres and fuel last for ungodly amounts of time/distance in GT Sport.

    The races so far:
    · Willow Springs 500km with Gr.4 cars = it was a one-stop race for me even though I was always with the richest fuel mix, AI drivers needed 2 stops.
    · Blue Moon Speedway 400 miles (200 laps) with Gr.1 cars = another one-stop race for me, I'm sure I could've done it without changing tyres. Most AI drivers needed 2 stops, some needed 3.

    Easy data:
    · Gr.4 cars on a flowing roadcourse = 250km per fuel tank, I changed tyres but I think it would've been possible to stay on the same set (although I might've lost more time).
    · Gr.1 cars on a superspeedway = 320km per fuel tank, tyre change was entirely unnecessary.

    For example, in GT5's Indy 500 LMP1 race, the fuel tank lasted around 60 laps (150 miles), maybe less for some cars. It feels weird how stupidly fuel-efficient all cars are and how extremely durable the tyres are.

    I won both races. Gr.4's race was somewhat easy and I ended up cruising for most of the 2nd half while the oval race was a lot tougher, asking me to lap very consistently while doing some lift-and-coast before T1 to win on fuel mileage (my original efficiency looked like 98 laps and I needed 100).

    If someone wants to recreate a GT4/GT5 endurance event online in GT Sport, sign me up. I'm not that fast of a driver but I can go around in circles at a somewhat consistent pace.
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    It's more like they're actually getting things right in GT Sport. Real prototypes routinely do three, four, even five stints with one set of tyres at Le Mans and one stint is around 120 km. In this year's race the Toyota used 50 kg of fuel per stint and that's on a road course, continuous running at a high speed consumes less. Likewise F1 cars use 110 kg in around 300 km and they're aerodynamically barn doors when compared to a prototype.
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  3. die996

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    Average speed of the Gr.1 superspeedway race was around 190mph, that should eat up tyres at a somewhat high pace.
  4. Kevstah2004


    Problem is the AI doesn’t change it’s fuel mix when stuck in traffic or brake later / use the slipstream to account for the loss in speed.
    A human will run it as thirsty as possible and only take onboard what they need to complete the race distance but the AI doesn’t change it’s strategy to catchup or undercut in the pit stop.
  5. die996

    die996 (Banned)

    One thing they do in the final pitstop is that they don't fill the car to the max unless they need it to complete the projected distance (they ignore whether they're lapped or not). That was somewhat surprising because I remember AI drivers sometimes finished with almost-full tanks in both GT4 & GT5.