Weird vibration bug

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    Ok so i've been playing project cars quite a lot recently and i have noticed a bug or maybe a bug, i just dont know yet.
    But when i'm driving a car i experience a lot of vibration on the controller and the car just doesn't want to go forward. I don't know if it's a flat spot on my tire thats causing it or the car bottoming out but i've tried lots of setups with the car and i just can't get rid of it. Happens mostly when i've driven the car for quite a while ( say a couple of laps ) and it gets worse. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Well i know it's not the car bottoming out now as i was just in an online race with default setup and was still experiencing it. Coming out of the slow corners at Sonama Raceway the car just wouldn't stop shaking on the straight and cars were just passing me with ease everytime. I did a whole lap on nordschleife in the Gumpert with it just vibrating the whole 6 minutes struggling to pick up speed.
    The longer i'm on the game the worse it gets. And it's mostly fine after just powering up the PS4 and starting the game.
    Really fustrating me at times
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