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    As you can see, we've decided to divy up the online racing sections into more dedicated forums underneath each game. We now have prefixes for threads you can select, and edit, in order to label your series to make it easier for prospective racers to see the status of your series at a glance.

    • Open - Accepting sign ups, series is currently racing or starting racing very soon.
    • Full - Spots full, currently racing, reserve spots may be available.
    • Finished - Season over, racing concluded, look inside for more information on new series or season follow ups.
    • Draft - This pretty much replaces "interest check" and means that a series is currently just a concept, or under construction.
    Please use them to your advantage as this feature makes it much easier for members to find series they're interested in. Thank you!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do let us know by posting here.

    Have fun, and happy racing!


    Little update:
    Series thread titles are only allowed up to two special characters as a general rule of thumb (exceptions can be made if reasonable) whether affixed or prefixed. Anything over that, I will edit.

    Also, caps lock is not your friend, single phrases will be ok, but series names in the title or whole titles in caps lock will be edited.

    So, this:

    "<<<MY SERIES>>> JOIN NOW!"

    "***RACING GP SERIES*** Join Now!

    Is not recommended.


    "<My Series> JOIN NOW!"

    "**Racing GP Series** Join Now!"

    Is ok.
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    I want to bring the style of sticky posts in the GT6 online racing forum section here, but I want to start it off with more of a clean a slate so we can better support organized racing particularly in pCARS run on GTPlanet. What are the rules of the road for pCARS on GTPlanet?

    This thread will evolve a lot over time, but eventually will be stickied once the time is right as well.

    Another main point of this is to bring together a quick FAQ about the unique differences involved with racing online in pCARS, whether it's serious or just for fun!

    So go ahead and chime in with your top tips, guides, nuggets of wisdom, pitchforks, feedback for me, what have you.

    But it's also an open discussion, so general concerns are more than welcome as well. What sort of content should we start off with? For example, does our current OLR Rules and Guidelines fit pCARS well enough?
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