what about a GT1 race series?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by gran_turismo_bandit, Oct 22, 2001.


Should there be a GT1 Race Series?

  1. YES:!::!::!:

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  2. No... (If you choose this, then please leave.)

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  1. GTO_LM_930


    I do not really want to go back to GT1 after getting GT3! Sorry bro.
  2. what's wrong with it, though? there's no league for GT3, so a GT1 league sounds good, right? i mean, not all of us have a PS2 and GT3 (like me:rolleyes: ) so we have to work with what we have.
  3. it would be easy to run a GT1 race series. you could use Arcade mode to get the times, so it is based entirely on driving skill, and not the car. set up a car list like the GT2 series...*thinking at a rampant rate...*
  4. maverick_296


    yeah ill be in that, ive unlocked all the cars in gt1 so it will be fun.