What all new cars do you want to see in GT7?

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'89 GT :D

This would be very useful for vintage DTM replicas...

And I don't ever recall it being in any previous G.T.'s. But this and the Grand National GNX were my 2 favorite cars of this genre of that era. To be honest I wouldn't mind if they added an 80's IROC Camaro and Pontiac Firebird to boot. That'd actually be an awesome lineup....

87 Grand National GNX
87 Mustang GT
87 IROC Camaro
87 Firebird GTO

The years could vary a bit, I just made them all 87 since that's the only year the GNX was available.
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I'd personally love to see more Gr.2 and Gr.1 cars, especially if that new Genesis VGT ends up having a Gr.1 version. The last "Class One" DTM cars from Aston Martin, BMW, and Mercedes-AMG are obvious picks since the Audi is already there, but I'd also be down to see the new Honda Civic Type R GT, the Toyota GR Supra, and the Nissan Z from the GT500 field. I had previously hoped that we'd get a Gr.2 event in World Circuits after they at least add the other DTM racers, but it seems we've got the WTC 900 now.

As far as Gr.1 goes, the various LMH/LMDh cars are clear picks, with entires from Alpine, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Cadillac, Peugeot, and Acura. Let alone the other rumored automakers that may want to throw the hats in the ring, like Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Lexus, and McLaren.

I'm not as concerned about older cars that could qualify for Gr.2/Gr1, though I'd be down to see the return of some iconic prototypes like the Toyota GT-One. Similarly, I'd be cool seeing more late-90s GT1 cars that'd fit into Gr.2, like the Porsche 911 GT1.

Now as far as Gr.B goes, the name alone implies it's meant to be historic - modern re-interpretations and the Toyota Celica (ST205) notwithstanding. I think there are still some actual Group B rally cars that've yet to re-appear here, like the Porsche 959 that entered the Dakar Rally.

But something I do like about PD is that you never really know what's coming. We still don't know what's going on with the Vazirani Shul, for example...
would be great..but you know what we have is it..don't have high hopes for open wheelers on GT..probably other games but not GT
bar honda from 2005 would be great too..suzuka special version..car had 1025 hp just for suzuka..reving so high god of thunder heard the car 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I know that open wheelers dont get much love in GT but it would be a cool addition to get at least one V10 and V12 F1 car. I didnt know the 2005 BAR Honda had 1025hp for suzuka!
I know that open wheelers dont get much love in GT but it would be a cool addition to get at least one V10 and V12 F1 car. I didnt know the 2005 BAR Honda had 1025hp for suzuka!
they did..special engines for home race..every year..
called " suzuka special "... but those numbers are dyno...track hp..differs

BAC Mono R '20

To be sold in Brand Central.

"The "R" variant of the BAC Mono track toy is a much more formidable car with extra engine power and a custom snorkel to boot."

Base color: CN.R-01-F.E.I.S.A.R.

The Mono from British track car manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has gained a significant following over the years, being a street-legal Formula 3-inspired machine that owners can enjoy both in a civilized manner around public roads and city streets, as well as unleashing the beast within on the track.

Fast forward to 2019, a much more potent version of the Mono, known as the "Mono R", has been announced.

While it may not be entirely different in terms of other such technical specifications, rumor has it that the car has been lightened with even more carbon fibre parts in order to reduce the weight by 25kg, and that the engine power of the Mountune-tuned Ford Duratec four-cylinder engine has been massaged to produce 38 more horsepower, resulting in 343hp and 555kg, not to mention, a much higher redline. As part of the increased airflow, a snorkel has been installed on the car's right quarter panel.

This version also uses emerging materials such as graphene on its carbon fibre panels in order to maximize chassis strength just as much as keeping the weight down. The car has also been redesigned with an imposing front end, as well as simplified and streamlined body lines in order to increase cd-values. All of this results in the car being shorter in height, but longer in length than the original model, to give it a more aggressive stance as it is prepared to conquer the track.

A commemorative example of the Mono R, which is apparently the very first customer example, was famously designed to pay homage to the iconic PlayStation futuristic racing game series "WipEout", with a livery based on F.E.I.S.A.R. (Federal European Industrial Science And Research), one of the most famous manufacturers from said video game series. This particular example was known as the "F.E.I.S.A.R. Mono" and turned heads as soon as it debuted.

It was said that the F.E.I.S.A.R.-inspired livery took up to 10 working days, with over 400 graphics, as well as the signature blue, white and yellow paint scheme. This particular model also pays homage to BAC's headquarters of Liverpool, England, which was also home to the developers of the WipEout series.
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