What all new cars do you want to see in GT7?

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I just found out about this brand watchign an epsiode of chasing calssic cars on TV, and didnt realise it was like the spansih ferrari back in the oldie days. Very cool look especially the breadvan yellow one! Crazy design ideas. It be fun hooning this around Grand valley!





The Zagato AGTZ Twin Tail, A220 inspired and A110 based bespoke sports car.

As an aside, I’d love the actual Le Mans configuration A220 longtail on which this design was based to be added to GT7 as well, in addition to the short tail rally spec A220 already in the game.
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Whatever your preference, the first-gen C30 was already in GT5 (and GT6), so isn't eligible for this thread...
my bad, sorry I totally forgot about that and, must have mixed up my comments with the other GT7 Wishlist thread after jumping around!! Yikes i must be getting old... Thanks for the reminder Boss
I should boot them up and give it a go.
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Yes, I'd love to see 93 and 900 turbo's in the game too

Ferrari SF90 Stradale '19
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Ferrari 296 GTB '22
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We don't need more Ferraris similar to the Tributo that are useless for the 700 and 800 pp races because they drink too much fuel
Speaking of Saabs. This is racing this weekend at Tailem Bend South Australia.

Edit:... and the Saab won the first race of the weekend! :)
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More Group A machines: