What are the car sounds like in Forza?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 1' started by Mr. Boy, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Mr. Boy

    Mr. Boy

    For example, do the cars sound just as how you would expect them to sound?
    Do they sound realistic, or just tacked on? (like some of the LMP/ Group C cars in GT4) If you could give me a video in Windows Media format to give me an example, then that would be appreciated.
  2. CDailey


    United States
    IMO, some sounds are spot on and then other are just "eh." At least you can hear the turbo spooling and the BOV chirping. :lol:
  3. LaBounti


    Some are good others are bad. The 4 bangers seem too all have the same sound and are very lame. Other soundes were reused on cars. The Altima may have the same engine as the G35 but their exhaust notes are very different in the game they are the same. The Ferarri 575 doesnt sound nearly as good as the Enzo or F360. Thr Mazda 3 5-door sounds nothing like the real car. I can vouch for it as I own one. But Integra is right some are spot on while others are nothing to pump up the volume over.

    The most annoying sound is the race count down. its awful and the guy who thought it would be a good idea needs to be shot.

    One thing I notice is the audio samples in the game seem like they are 96k bit rate.
  4. MisterToad


    I must agree with LaBounti and Integra Type R. It's rather a mixed bag, but overall I have to say the sounds are better than average. One good thing, the more you upgrade your exhaust system, the better your car sounds.

    The Ferrari 250 GTO upgraded with the pro exhaust is good enough to make your hairs stand on end. :tup: But then what the heck happened to the 330 P4, which should sound even better but doesn't ? And the Audi TT-R seems to be powered by mice or something, where the heck is the engine in this thing ?

    I can live with the goofy race countdown effect. But one bad thing though, the balancing of the AI's engine sounds vs. your own is poorly done. The rest of the pack can drown out the sound of your own car and it's impossible to adjust for it.
  5. Chris Criswell

    Chris Criswell

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    Yeah there was a GTO(newer model) about 3-4 seconds behind me and all I could hear was 8 Cylinders drowning out the sounds of my MR2, so it gives you more incentive to smoke him :p But it does help when you don't wanna look behind, if you hear someone coming then by god someone is COMING!
  6. MoLiEG


    After all these years, I think Forza still sounds good... even better than GT5 for moments, IMO.