What cars are accepted in the "Nostalgic 1979" race?

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What are the cars accepted to race in Nostalgic 1979? I've heard that is one of the best ways to earn lots of cash. I want to know the cars accepted in there, so I can buy the cheapest car or a mid range one.

By any chance, do you know any Nostalgic 1979 accepted car that's good and cheap? Thanks.
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During the early days of the game, I managed to get a 330 P4 as a Daily Reward, and used it in those races ever since. Piece of cake.

Now, it's nigh impossible to get a 20,000,000 Cr. car from the roulette, so grinding would really do the trick as race cars such as that Ferrari, Jaguar, and the Mk IV are present in those races and can be challenging if you use any classic N Class car to beat those Gr. X racers.
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The Corvette Stingray can win at La Sarthe (provided a 330 P4 doesn't start in the top 3!) - you will need max upgrades and I think I pushed top speed up in the gearing to 380 Km/h. It's still not cheap at Cr. 5 million but better than 20!

I did once see a hilarious video on this forum of someone trying to win in the Gordon (which is allowed) but I can't find it now......