What cars give you the Fizz in GT7?

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To quote Mr James May, what cars give you the most driving pleasure in GT7?

Picked up an F40 a while back and holy moly is it a delight to drive. So easy to get the back end out. Turbo sounds fantastic too. (there's a proper term for this so educate this automotive luddite those in the know).

Other notable mentions would be the X-Bow, Shelby Cobra and the Lancer Evo 6.

On the other hand, wasn't impressed with the new C8 Corvette.

Disclaimer I am driving with a pad so experiences may vary depending on your controller.
The BMW M3 E30, any Nissan Silvia, the Ford Sierra RS500, Alfa Romeo Giulia GtAm, Porsche Cayman GT4 (road car) are great to drive, you can make use of throttle steering on all is glory.
Now seeing them in VR Showroom, they all do :), sorry, Driving pleasure would be the Ferrari VGT, Any Porsche 911 though they can be a handful at times , Sierra Cosworth and the F40, plus most Hot hatch's
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R32 tuned to 700PP, the turbo sound, the manual gearbox, the acceleration, ahh...

At the moment, a favorite of mine is the Aston Martin DP-100 VGT - the handling is quite phenomenal. (The Honda Sports is another VGT you might want to try out - less power, but much lighter.)

When it comes to high-end road cars, I really like the Enzo Ferrari - it's super fast, and I prefer it to any later Ferrari. (The McLaren F1 is also great all-around - but it's up to you to decide if it's worth 20 million.)

In terms of race cars, the ones I enjoy the most are the Mazda 787B, the Mercedes CLK-LM and the 2008 Honda NSX. (The Porsche 917 is also fun to drive - but again, you'll have to decide if it's worth the price.)

My favorite 60s car might be the Jaquar XJ13 - super pleasant handling. (The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 and the the Aston Martin DB5 are also surprisingly good, at around PP 550.)

The engine swaps I get the most out of are the 81 Porsche 911, and both the 92 and the 02 Honda NSX. I'm sure you can have fun with the Silvias and RX-7s - but so far, they elude me.

Of course, I enjoy the 66 Ford GT, the 74 Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari F40 just for the cars that they are. But I wouldn't say that any of those gives me the best driving experience.

EDIT, honorable mentions: Porsche Carrera, Aston Martin One-77, Alpine A220.
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Here's some of my favorite road cars(I usuallly customize them with all available racing gear and aerodynamic gear from GT Auto and tune them up somwhere btw 550 and 700PP)

BMW M3 89/ BMW M3 evo 89
Lancia Delta(with/without engine swap)
Golf 1 GTI
Corvette C4
De Tomaso Pantera
Skyline 2000GT-R
De Lorean(engine swapped)
(there are more, but that's the ones, that come to my mind at first, without thinking too long...)

Pretty much all of the GR4 and GR3 cars are great to drive, so i don't mention them here...
Two cars I've been driving the most recently are the Ferrari 500 Mondial, and the Evo X. It is funny to see the difference between those cars. The Ferrari feels like the chassis is not as stiff as I would expect for a race car, the suspension is soft and the differential is the definition of open, you will spin the inside tire on a corner all the time. That combined with a lightweigt body makes it quite the experience to drive. It is very fun! Different from anything else.

The Evo X is the opposite, 4WD, stiff chassis, stiff suspension, it feels like you can take any corner at any speed and it will be fine. This car is extremely well balanced and fun to drive, even completely stock.

Pista dos boxes, Laguna Seca_.jpeg
Ferrari vgt (I was positevely surprised by this vgt... Months after it's release :D)

And currently a bunch of european cars from the 90's (basically cars from my childhood) that I take to "simple" tracks like daytona tri oval, route x etc for custom races.
With the exception of the Gr. Racing Cars I used to grind credits, I‘d have to say the R33, R35, 2019 Supra and C7 ZR1 as they have the most miles on them by far compared to others in my garage and I have every single part (minus some S Parts) for them for tuning needs.
Modern Road car :
Carrera GT
918 Spyder
M2 Competition
Giulia Gtam
C6 ZR1
981 Cayman GT4 (street)
Murcielago LP640
AMG GT Black series
Radical SR3

Youngtimer :
993 RS CS
911 GT1
M3 E30 (standard + Sport evo)
RX7 FD spirit R
Sierra RS500
Lancer Evolution V GSR
Lancer Evolution VI TME

Oldtimer :
911 RS 2.7
550A spyder
3.0 CSL
300 SL gullwing
Merak SS
DS21 Pallas

Race car :
330 P4
Celica GTFour WRC
Supra GT500 Castrol Toms
Pennzoil GTR GT500
Mclaren MP4/4
Honda RA272

Those are all my favourite car to drive in GT7
I really like my Lexus SC430 GT500, but there are only 4 cars in my garage that really give me the Fizz; the Honda RA272.
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The Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 Zagato is till now my favourite car, especially on Nordschleife. It’s light, handles absolutely great, is pretty fast because of its low weight and its beautiful too.

Other favourites would be an Alpine A110 '17 Gr.3 build I made, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm (absolutely love this car), De Tomaso Pantera (also as a classic Gr.4 build), Porsche 550 Spyder and the Citroën DS21 with a Rally tune (makes a lot of fun and isn’t as slow as you would think).
GR.1 cars , GR.2 , Honda RA272 , Porsche 918 , Alpine VGT non GR1 , Shelby Cobra and possibly some other cars that i forgetting
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Also forgot the modern Gr.2 cars
Because who can say no to a GT car that you can drive like an F1 car
2016 Carrera GT3 RS, stock and also fully tuned, it's just the greatest car ever made. I hope they bring the new GT3RS to GT7
RX-8 Spirit R for me. Sharp handling, very responsive, and what’s not to love about the sound of a rotary?