What do I need for what I want to do?

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    Could someone please tell me what I would need to run Iracing on both monitor and VR seamlessly on PC. For instance, what would be needed to what I require, about how much to achieve such goals and the best place to go for getting everything needed ?
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    I think a bit more information could be helpful. For instance:

    What resolution monitor are you wanting, or already have.

    What VR device are you going to use?

    Do you plan on recording/streaming, or just racing?

    How obsessed are you with graphics/visuals? (In most games I will sacrifice some FPS for higher visuals)

    Do you already have a racing wheel, seat, etc. Or do you need to get those as well?

    Are you gonna use the PC for other gaming, work, content creation?
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    Monitors will need to be included in the estimate because I don't have any.
    As for VR that will need to be included and I know nothing about whats out there.
    I dont plan on recording or streaming, just racing
    I would like fairly decent graphics and visuals, at least comparable to console.
    Already have CSL elite with clubsport V3 pedals and shifter.
    This PC will be a dedicated sim racing PC.
    Thank you for you time


    The big thing concerning the VR has been and still is the amount of computer it takes to run it if you want good frame rates, high detail and settings and the better or higher the resolution headset you desire for sharpness and to not have the screen door effect is that it can tax even the best of consumer computer hardware available on the market currently.

    Have followed plenty of post and users on different forums that are running 9900k cpu's and 2080 ti gpu's still talking about when dealing with a lot of cars on the track or cars on the track and rain to needing to turn down detail settings to keep the frame rates up.

    I have been interested in VR for quite some time and you can get into it at lower levels but if you want the best and sharpest graphics and details along with really good smooth frame rates it can get expensive and some games even the best hardware still needs to have the details toned downed for some scenario's.

    For myself when we are talking a couple of thousand dollars investment to reach the levels I personally would desire and that the best available setup really has little to no headroom left for taxing game scenario's I feel like although VR is getting close to mainstream the top quality stuff is still a little out on the horizon.

    Of course this is just my opinion and knowing the type of resolution I would desire and the products capable of delivering that on the market today.
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    I would hold off on the VR. You can always add it later. Focus on high-end PC components, CPU, graphics card, RAM, monitor, and high UL/DL speed of your internet connection.

    See my computer components listed below.