What do you think about XBOX?? (re opened)

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by whiteFang2k2, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. whiteFang2k2


    well for my opinion i think xbox better than ps2 cause i got twice powerful. i know sony won't make gt for xbox.
    but imagine sony use only 4000 poly but xbox use 10000 poly. i bet it will hell out of car.
    althought i don't know any good game came out xbox.
    the only thing is the Dead or Alive 3!!!!
    and HALO things.
    xbox is cheaper than PS2.
    btw i will support american game industry cause i m sick and tired waiting for the game translation.  
  2. Saleen Man

    Saleen Man

    xbox sounds better, but i'm not sure if i'll want to buy it........
  3. Ghostrider

    Ghostrider Staff Emeritus

    I agree. :shakehead:
  4. jervinator


    SOUNDS better - that's the brochures talking. I'll wait and see what the real deal is.

    OTOH, I happen to know enough about 'puters to know that MHz is nearly meaningless unless discussing two otherwise identical chips and that those polygon figures are seriously fudged in random ways.
  5. robisme


    Hi, No matter what they say about X-Box, I don't think it will ever beat Sony's Playstation.
  6. rjensen11


    1) Made by Microsoft, so all they have to do is change a LITTLE coding, and computer games are then X-Box games
    2) Are today's racing games REALLY better on PC than on PS2?
    3) X-Box, you have to install games before you can play them, what's up with that?
    4) It's like the battle of PS1 vs N64, PS1 still kicks N64
  7. decayingsoul


    XBOX sounds like a great idea.
    finally i can experience gpfs and blue screens of death on my TV ;)
  8. misnblu

    misnblu Staff Emeritus

    Yes to the xbox. I am getting by the end of the year.
    One of the main reasons Im getting is for the game Munch's odyssey. Its the ongoing game of Abes odyssey and the game rocks.
    Munch's game will be the epitome of all games in pixels, artificial intelligence, and game play.
    Graphics will be the best in the industry and the makers of the series had originally started on the ps2 format, but declined Sony when they found out that the xbox would be a better format.
    Ps2 is good, but when it comes to the complete video game console, the xbox wins hands down.
    Nuff said.
  9. AddictedToSpeed


    Ugh, I thought Munches Odyssey was coming out for PS2? Im lost... i need my GamePro... but now i get PSX Mag heehe
  10. NocturnalPS

    NocturnalPS Staff Emeritus

    United States
    I dont know who will win the war between the xbox and ps2. All that matters to me will be the games. Play Station is known for bringing out pimmed out games. But for me all that counts are the games that come out for a system. If alot of cool games start comming out for xbox than of coures ill get an xbox. But for right now ill just sit and play my ps2 and see what the xbox has to offer when it hits store shelves.
  11. Initial-D


    It's not like I love M$ or something, but the truth is that you probably won't see blue-screen on X-Box...

    There's only 1 platform for M$ and X-Box developers to work on. Unified hardware/software means easier development and maintenance. I think M$ is capable of making a stable OS if it only has to consider one unified platform...

    Just my $0.02... :D
  12. Nico


    The Xbox is pretty much a compact computer that is made for gaming. Keep your computer (if you wanna upgrade, lemme know I can find you parts for dirt cheap.) and use the PS2 for a console system. Everyone knows that computer games are pretty much for solo use unless it's online. Still, when you have people over and need some entertainment, just use the PS2. Sony will hold it's own, I'm sure. And besides, it will take sony another year or two to really start to scratch the surface of the potential of this system. Look at the PS when it came out. Not really a big step up when it was released, but compare Madden 98 to Madden 2000. Big difference. You're gonna see a lot of that here, too. And if you like RPGs, stay with the PS2. Squaresoft has a contract with Sony. (they make the best games, if you disagree, you're a dummy)