What games have you bought in the January sales?

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The PSN January sale ends on this Friday 27th. There always used to be a "sale" thread in this forum, but I haven't seen one this year, so I thought it would be good to discuss what "bargains" people have found this time around.

I only have a PS4, but feel free to mention what you've picked up on Xbox or PC.

Personally, I've picked up the Super Deluxe edition of Dirt Rally 2 at £30. It finally resembles the full game it should have been at a price that fits.

I nearly went for the Deluxe version of Grid with the Season Pass included at the same price, but DR2 was my priority of the two, plus I suspect the Grid price will drop again quite soon (and I half expect a super deluxe version to appear later in the year!).
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I grabbed God of War (the newest one) on PS4 on sale for $15 or so. Never really paid attention to it when it came out, but at that price I figured it was worth a shot. Turns out it's very good and I wish I played it sooner.

Also got WRC8 Deluxe Edition on sale for $23 on PS4. I enjoy it so far, it's a good break from Dirt Rally 2.0 and the team management stuff is interesting.
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Bought Rise of the tomb raider for a little over £6.

Best value for money in any game I have bought!

Looked into dirt 2 and asseto corsa but decided against it in the end. Tomb raider and gt sport are more than enough to keep me busy until re3 remake