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Lately I've been thinking about what makes me like any kind of music. I've never been tied to a single genre: I started listening to pop music, and since then some other genres have been added naturally: R&B, Alternative, Hip-hop, Acapella, K-Pop, and more recently, Metal.

I've been a musician (although not as a profession) for 13 years. I also have perfect pitch, which makes me very sensitive to the instruments. Sometimes I might like a song just because of its chords, without even paying attention to the lyrics. I tell my friends that I like songs that "challenge my ears". :lol:

Another thing that I've noticed is that I listen a lot of female singers, much more than male. Maybe that's because of the instrument's influence: I'm always thinking about chords and harmony. Being a man, it's easier to"complete the harmony in my head" when the voice that I'm listening to isn't at the same range as mine.

What makes you guys like the songs that you listen to? Also sorry if my English is bad :dunce:
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It’s such an open question, so many things can make me like a song, a certain chord progression, a catchy chorus etc..

I can appreciate any music when I can tell the artist has talent, or artists.

One of my favourite bands, Between the buried and Me, in my opinion have everything required to create amazing music. Technical metal, slick solos, fast riffs, amazing drummer, singer that can do it all.. even switching up to a French Riviera accordion section or Wild West bar fight. Every album start to finish is near flawless, and they’re incredible to watch live.

On the flip side, I love my Motown, pop punk, big band, classic rock, etc... What makes a good song for me, in essence, is originality.
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Whether it's good or not.

Sorry for the necropost.