What Steering Angle is everyone using, and Why?

So Ive been playing SBRE since it came out and Im curious what stearing angle everyone is using. I have been using Manual set at 360 degrees to give a good quick turn in for all cars. However I just tried automatic and its cool, just the old cars take forever to turn in. This is made harder by the fact that my T500 snaps back past the mid point when exiting a corner, though maybe I just suck at quick wheel control. How has everyone else found it?
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Tried the auto and now trying manual (585 degrees).
When the wheel was auto calibrated the first time, it was set to 585. Don't have a screen shot to post but i have all the wheel settings included in the beginning of the below video.
I have tried setting the wheel to 900 and 1080 but the cars do not steer at all. I am using thrustmaster T300RS
(Noticed that auto calibration does not work after that. No way to rest the wheel to default settings??)

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This, 100% the way to play.

Yeah I found it much more realistic, but for the time being Im gonna just keep it at 360 till I finish the career and unlock all the cars. Then Ill switch to auto so that I can just play it as realistically as possible.