What to Expect from Sim-Racing in 2024

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What to Expect from Sim-Racing in 2024

With 2023 now firmly in the history books — and you can read our summary of the year if you need your memory jogging — it’s time to look forward to what 2024 should be serving up for racing game fans...
Waiting for a smarter Sophy AI in 2024 ! I don't know how PD starting with an early almost perfect Sophy (without the excessives track limits) .Now it's not yet a good racing companion .
AC2 . Iam trying to lower my expectations- xbox means we will be lucky to get button box support, let alone UDP telemetry. On the other hand, after what Turn 10 have just churned out in Forza, ACC still is the standard to beat on xbox.
The only thing I hope for 2024 is that some site picks up on my pretty weak 'shop of a PS5 Pro and thinks it's the real thing - just like those sites (and Reddit comments) that stole the image I made of the PS4/PS5 GT7 boxes believing them to be the real thing.

Although to be fair they weren't that far off.
I thought that I recently heard that AC2 is postponed and that the focus of this year stilll is ACC with the Nordschleife coming up?
What is it with all these supposed problems concerning Forza and WRC? I must admit, I haven't played WRC in a while. There doesn't seem to be a single racing game out there that doesn't have glitches or some other issues. Unless players have just become extremely spoiled and demanding.
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is probably the game I'm looking forward to the most. Not a PC player so ACC updates are not a top priority. For me, ACC looks very strange in cockpit view. The steering wheel doesn't rotate smoothly but rather staccato like.
Proably more things happen to gt7 sophy in 2024, and hopefully we see some good cars added, and some tracks, ac2 is the only new racing game i am looking forward to in 2024
Test drive solar crown looks to very meh for me at least
there that doesn't have glitches or some other issues.
I would be surprised if the number of games with less issues would be increasing instead of getting worse.
To me GT7 is already pretty free of things that can go wrong that I notice, compared to the many of other games that I have touched.
Of the last years collection of games played:
Baldurs Gate 3 - savegame corruption, inventory items gone missing, crashes, texture and map loading failed, bad first connectivity
Wild Hearts - trophy glitches
Returnal - not yet played too much, but only because I have enough different games to currently play. I cant really get accustomed to the control of the character in a way of sensitivtiy
Endless Dungoen - solid
Nine Parchments - solid
Steel Rising - solid
Quest Hunter - some crashes
Myth Force - connectivity, some crashes
Lords of the Fallen - oh my god connectivity!
Rogue Legacy 2 - solid
Aliens Fireteam Elite - solid
Dead Island 2 - some crashes
Godfall - account, cant play singleplayer but only join in multiplayer. Cant use inventory during active mission but only in hub
Atlas Fallen - decently solid, sometimes falling through the ground
Remnant 2 - solid
Diablo 4 - cant remember, dont care 😶
Outriders - some crashes
Warhammer 40k Inquisitor - trophy glitches, multiplayer inventory stuttering, generally bad performance
Warhammer 40k Shootas, Blood & Teeth - trophy glitches, inventory dissapperaing
Far Cry 6 - minor crashes
Trine 4 - solid
Age of Wonders 4 - crashes, VERY BAD PERFORMANCE!
Overcooked - minor connectivity
Ship of Fools - crashes for performance abusing, can be avoided
Resident Evil 4 - solid up until where I am
Another Sight - solid
Resident Evil 3 - solid
Resident Evil 2 - solid
Conan ChopChop - minor connectivity
God of War: Ragnarok - solid
Need for Speed Unbound - dont remember, I think solid
Gotham Knights - solid, but 30fps locked ..........
Marvel Midnight Suns - minor crashes by perfomance, can be avoided
Grime - trophy glitches, but very caring developer!

The list consists of more games with more or less noticeable problems than those that I dare call solid where I havent encountered anything at all during my Platinum finish, either because the game is actually solid. Or because I was lucky?
I am only really looking forward to AC 2. Really curious how it can expand on an already incredible platform.