What tracks & variants would you like to see debut in the series?

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I have a good feeling that there's already been a lot of discussion regarding circuits potentially returning from previous GT games (both original and real-world), but I was wondering, what circuits (and variants) would you like to see debut in the series?

My idea was that, ideally, I'd like to see as many nations represented as possible, either through formal circuits or street circuits. I think that for some of the city circuits of older GT games, they'd have to be re-tooled if only for the sole fact the landscapes have changed since 2005, such as Seattle or New York City. The tighter circuits that were meant for only two cars at a time would likely have to be reserved for some other mode, like an online time attack or rally mode. I could go on about including variants of older courses alongside their newer iterations (e.g. Rome, Fuji Speedway), or potentially even merging circuits in the same general vicinity into a "super-circuit," (e.g. Eiger Norwand + Grindelwald) but I digress.

But that aside, here were my ideas:

-The older variant of Spa that was a lot longer.

-Some of the city courses from GT4 could be replaced (or supplemented) with real-world street circuits held in that same location. This would potentially include Hong Kong, Rome, Paris, NYC (albeit, this course would be one of the Brooklyn circuit layouts for Formula E, while the GT4 circuit was in Manhattan), and London.

-Speaking of Hong Kong, how 'bout other Asian courses outside of Japan? For example, I recall there being street circuits in Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Morocco. There was also the Dubai Autodrome, the Macau GP, and I do recall there being a circuit in South Africa, as well. The Valencia circuit looks like fun, and do wonder what people would think of the various street circuits from southern Florida? I read that there have been at least two circuits in the Miami area, even if we count out the proposed Miami GP course. On that note, I wonder if the Hanoi GP circuit could be any good, too? There were also a couple circuits in China, at least two of which within Beijing. The older Las Vegas street circuit could be a neat locale, too.

To be honest, I'm not personally sure what makes a track design a necessarily good one. I know that IRL, the layout needs to have the potential for lots of spectators to watch the race - at least, in the context of street circuits.


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As a New Yorker, I have to say Watkins Glen. It was recently repaved so they can use that version. Full track and short track without The Boot.
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