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I played Forza 3 for the first time in 2 years and while playing, I was messing around with the D-Pad to find the Telemetry and when I pressed Right twice the little car thing appeared on the right side and it displayed Tire Heat and a thermometer in the middle.

My question is, what is the purpose/use of the thermometer? Does it represent engine temperature? I don't think so because when doing a 5-lap race around Nurburgring I noticed that the thermometer did not go up or down..or maybe it was just too small to notice? I have no clue...

(Also I noticed that it is absent in Forza 4 so I am guessing it had no purpose..?)
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The thermometer doesn't do anything. It is just a graphic device to let you know you're looking at tire temp. The display is a carryover from FM2. In FM2 right d-pad cycled through a car damage display, a tire temp display (as described above) and nothing.